Hello! My name is Mai and this is my beauty blog. I write about indie, drugstore, and high end cosmetics and my focus is on providing accurate makeup swatches, thorough reviews, and photos of my makeup of the day. I'm especially dedicated to taking as accurate lip swatch pictures as possible and finding more indie lip products to show off.

I dislike milky lip products, loathe purpley taupes, and love silvery taupes.

Saturday Night Makeup

In the real world, I'm a full time college student finishing up my Communicative Disorders degree (
not communications, the two are entirely different fields!) and am going to grad school in the Fall for my Masters in Communicative Disorders. I love love love to dance and was a classically trained ballet student, dancing jazz and lyrical and have dabbled in tap, salsa, and hip hop.

Thank you for taking the time to read my little infographic and I hope you enjoy my blog! Feel free to ask me any questions through my "Contact Me" tab!

Contributing Writer at Phyrra.net

Places I've been featured:

Follower Appreciation on Phyrra.net
Interview at Powderdoom
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