Persona Cosmetics Season One Lip Gloss: Swatches and Review

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Hey everyone!

Today I have a review of the Persona Cosmetics Season One Lip Glosses in Peach, Honey, and Toffee. Persona Cosmetics is a brand that was founded by Sona Gasparian, a Youtuber and Beauty Blogger. I remember being introduced to the brand by Mandy Everley after she praised their Identity Eyeshadow Palette. I thought the brand was particularly interesting because many of their products are geared to flatter brown eyes. Of course you can use their products regardless of your eye color but it's rather nice to think of a brand recognizing that brown eyes don't get as much love.

I rather like their release schedule and how they take their time between launches so it feels like a very curated brand. I think it's easy to get lost when brands are releasing a new product every week so seeing how Persona has adding and expanding their range is rather refreshing. The Season One Lip Glosses are the first set of lip glosses that the brand has released. I'm hoping that by calling it Season One that they'll release more colors in the future. 

I'm really feeling lip glosses lately and so many other brands are too. Gone is the popularity of long lasting but uncomfortable products, I'm happy to see a renaissance of lip gloss even if it's not long lasting. I was really drawn into the colors and the formula of these glosses.

Persona Cosmetics Season One Lip Glosses

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