Wantable Makeup Box - September 2013 Edition Overview

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When I first got the offer to try out this subscription box I was initially unsure about it, mainly because of the price point since I don't always talk about higher end/more expensive products. However, I do want to take the opportunity to try out things that I think you guys might enjoy reading about even if it is a little expensive. Today I'm going to be talking about the Wantable Makeup Box (affiliate link) a subscription service that curates a set of four to five full size makeup items however they also do a box for accessories and intimates. 

In my subscription box for September, I received two full size items from Lise Watier, a lipstain and an eyeshadow palette, one full size lipstick from Besame Cosmetics, one full size mascara from Cailyn Cosmetics, and also a sample eyeshadow packet from Lise Watier. I'm not going to do specific reviews on what I got, just a general overview and my first impressions after I talk more about the box.

Wantable Makeup Box September

Now I'll be the first to say that $36-$40 is a steep price to pay for a subscription box ($36 if you have a monthly subscription or $40 for a one-time box and shipping is included), however unlike other beauty/makeup subscription boxes, you receive four to five full size items AND there's a guaranteed value of at least $80 in each box. What's especially nice is that they give you a list with the retail value of each item and since they're full sized, you don't have to do any complicated math to determine the value of your box. You may get an additional sample like I did but the value of that isn't calculated in the box's total. You're paying for a selection of full size items. 

Before you get your box, you complete a thorough survey detailing the types of products you would either love, like, or dislike to receive and also the types of colors that you would want. I chose to "dislike" When you receive your box, your choices are noted on the invoice slip. I would say that the only con is that if you're used to those beauty offers that coincide with subscription boxes, you won't find that with the Wantable Box. However a major pro is that unlike other subscription services, you can actually RETURN your box if you're not happy with it. If you want to, you can skip a month if you don't like it or cancel your subscription.

Regarding what I got, I was pleasantly surprised to get the Besame Cosmetics lipstick. I've actually tried out most of their lipsticks before in a little sample set. Merlot is a beautiful dark red with brown overtones that can be sheered out into a deeper berry-red. The eyeshadow palette from Lise Watier is okay, one of the eyeshadows in the quad (the lower right corner) wasn't as pigmented as the rest but it wasn't an overall negative. I did like the Lise Watier Hydra Shine lip stain (it did actually stain my lips) but there is a fruity scent to it that thankfully dissipates. I wasn't sure how I'd like the Cailyn Cosmetics mascara but the dusky denim blue color is actually nice on my lashes. It's subtle relative to the other colored mascaras but if you're looking for a blue mascara to brighten up the whites of your eyes, you might like this one. In my sample packet I got two samples of their Ombre Souffle Supreme and I'm liking it so far. Both colors are quite sparkly but seem to last well on their own without a primer. 

The total value? $88.00 not including the sample packet.

Would I personally get it again? Honestly I'm already thinking about getting the Limited Edition Halloween Box with products from Cinema Secrets. They are not a luxury or premium cosmetics brand per say but instead a very well known theatrical makeup brand. October's Makeup Box is actually curated by a fellow blogger, Christina over at The Makeup Blogger! I think I might consider the month to month service before deciding to subscribe (though I do have the option of skipping months or canceling altogether on the subscription service).

Disclaimer: I received this Wantable Makeup Box as a press sample courtesy of the brand. I was not compensated for this post. All opinions are my own. The link I marked as an affiliate link gives me credit to my Wantable account based on you signing up and purchasing a box. If you don't want to use it, I'm cool with it!

Hydroxatone Anti-Aging BB Cream in Medium Review

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Many American brands have jumped on the BB Cream bandwagon and thanks to iFabbo, I was able to try out this Hydroxatone Anti-Aging BB Cream. I was curious to see its performance and whether it lived up more like an American BB Cream (of which they're glorified tinted moisturizers) or were like Asian BB Creams (which combines foundation, concealer, and skincare all in one). This retails for $40.00 and is available at Ulta.


Unfortunately like many other American BB Creams, this is nothing like an Asian BB Cream despite the name. This is a tinted moisturizer pretty much. On my skin, the Hydroxotone BB Cream provides light coverage so if you have lots of pigmentation issues, this helps dull them but won't provide real coverage. The wear time lasted a few hours on my oily/combination skin (but not all day wear).


This has a pink undertone so while it definitely doesn't suit me (I have more yellow undertones), those who have a more cool toned undertone will like these since most BB Creams do run a little yellow or grey. Medium also runs light for me, Medium Tan would probably be a better fit for me depending if the undertone is more yellow-toned. I'd say if you're more like a MAC NW20, this will suit you better.

The product has mild citrus scent from the orange oil in the formula but it is slight and not overwhelming at all. I can't detect it on my skin the way I can detect the fragrance from my Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream (which I love but whose scent is a downer). 

The SPF in the BB Cream is titanium dioxide based so while it technically does protect against UVB and UVA rays, it only protects against UVA2, not UVA1. The high amount of titanium dioxide in the formula means this will not be a photo-friendly skin product unless you want to get that white cast look from the flash photography.

Retailing at $40, I think it isn't worth it to get. It's an expensive investment that I think will only suit a specific skin shade and people who want light coverage. This was a Pass.

Disclaimer: I received this product courtesy of iFabbo. All opinions are my own. The link marked with an asterisk is NOT an affiliate link, it merely directs you to the listing on the Ulta website. I don't receive any compensation from your use of the link.

Perlier Lemon Sorbet Crackling Ice Water Review

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In California (specifically Southern California), summer doesn't exactly stop once August ends. We've been having heat days on and off and combined with the general summer heat, I've been needing something to cool me off. I was excited to try the Perlier Lemon Sorbet Crackling Body Water (available from HSN for $24.95*) which is a can full of fizzy body water. The canister is reminiscent of a hair mousse dispenser and you get this effervescent bubbly foam that you can spread all over your body.


It's like you combined pop rocks with Evian water and it smells deliciously lemony. It actually smells like it would feel sticky on the skin! Once you dispense a foamy amount onto your skin, you can rub it in and more bubbles will pop and fizz on your skin.

It dries quite quickly and there is an immediate cooling effect on your skin but sadly I didn't notice a moisturizing effect and it's not especially surprising when the ingredient list is as follows: propellant (butane), water, two more propellants, and then alcohol denat.

It's a cool gimmick and something that would be nice to splurge on (and I mean splurge since it's $25). If you're the kind of person that likes to use Evian sprays, I think this is right up your alley but since I don't find this especially moisturizing, it's not worth it for most people.

Disclaimer: I received this product courtesy of iFabbo. All opinions are my own and the link marked with an asterisk is not an affiliate link but directly links to the product page on HSN's website (I unbitly'd it myself!)

Wordless(ish) Wednesday: Black Metal Dahlia

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OCC Black Metal Dahlia

Beauty Blog Coalition Weekly Roundup: Week of 9/6

beauty blog coalition

I hope you enjoy this week's posts from the Beauty Blog Coalition! I encourage you to check them all out!

Pure Gold Junkie EOTD

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In an effort to encourage myself to develop some much needed time management skills (always a necessity for grad school and clinic next semester), I've been developing a positive reinforcement system for all the readings, assignments, and studying I need to do. For each completed task, I can either play a game or work on the blog and for the most part I've been on top of things so I ended up doing an EOTD today.

September is wonderfully light in comparison to the terribleness of October. So if you see me disappear, you'll know because I'm swamped down in journal article readings and paper writing (if anyone has any advice on writing 30 page papers, I need it!)

Pure Gold EOTD

Pure Gold EOTD

Products Used:

Milani Eyeshadow Primer
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Pure Gold
Urban Decay Half Baked
Maybelline Gel Eyeliner in Blackest Black
Urban Decay Naked Eyeshadow as a transition color
NYX Love in Rio Eyeshadow Set in No Tan Lines Allowed (the dark black shade)
Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner in Junkie
Anastasia Lash Genius 
Anastasia Brow Wiz in Medium Ash (rediscovering this makes me feel terrible because I love it so much but it's expensive!!)

Using the Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Junkie really affirms the fact that I don't like using eyeshadow on the lower lashline anymore. I think I have just a lot of difficulty finding brushes that are simultaneously thin enough yet soft enough to apply eyeshadow in the shape to be whereas eyeliners are so much easier and look so much nicer with minimal effort. Is anyone else weird about using eyeshadows on the lower lashline or is that just me?

Disclaimer: I received the Anastasia Brow Wiz courtesy of the brand. I received the Lash Genius and NYX Love in Rio Eyeshadow as a gift from Generation Beauty 

Kittens on Parade

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I feel like I gotta get back in the swing of working with darker colors but I still wanted to share this look if only for the duochrome. Bask in its glory. If this doesn't make you impatient for Sugarpill's Sparkle Baby Collection, nothing will.

Kitten Parade

Products Used:

Milani Eyeshadow Primer
Senna Cosmetics Haute Nudes Mystic Eyeshadow Palette: The two darkest colors in the crease
Sugarpill Kitten Parade Eyeshadow
Anastasia Brow Wiz in Medium Ash
Maybelline Gel Eyeliner in Blackest Black

Cross your fingers that the collection will be released this month!

Disclaimer: I received the Senna Cosmetics Eyeshadow Palette and Anastasia Brow Wiz courtesy of their respective public relations.

OCC Pro's Picks Lip Tar Set v2.0 Swatches and Review

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This is part two of my lip tar swatching extravaganza. Today I'm swatching and reviewing the OCC Pro's Pick Lip Tar Set in v2.0. Compared to the v1.0 set, this set has a more varied range of colors and I think more suitable for those who like to mix their lip tars. I think it would be really cool if the sets came with like a little mixing palette so the consumer had a way to experiment with the colors; after all Iced (being a stark white shimmer) isn't a typical color you'd wear straight on the lips. The colors in the set include a mix of brights (Hoochie and Pretty boy), wearables (Kava Kava and Lydia), and an adjuster (Iced). Towards the end of the post, I'll show off the results of mixing Iced with Hoochie, Lydia, and Pretty Boy.
OCC Pros Pick Lip Tar Set v2.0

Where to Purchase: Sephora (affiliate link)

Price: $49.00 for five full size lip tars and a full sized lip brush.(.33 oz in each lip tar). Valued at $108 as the lip tars are $18 each and the lip brush retails for $18. 
Packaging: The lip tars and the lip brush are packaged in a clear bag with a zip closure. This bag is actually different from the bag you get in the v1.0 set. I personally think it's not as good because it's smaller and there are no dividers for your lip tars or the brush. It's also torn at the seam in one corner.
Do they test on animals?: Nope they don't and they never will. The lip tars are also vegan.
Wear Time: I can usually get about six to eight hours of wear (depending on the shades, the deeper reds wear better) but be wary of feathering. 

Swatch time. As always, the pictures were taken in natural daylight with no flash.

OCC Hoochie 2

Hoochie: "Vibrant magenta" I really wish my camera could have captured the neon quality of the lip tar better. The color in my swatch is correct but it's so much more neon/bright in person. I'm not sure I'd describe it as a magenta because I always associate magenta as being reddish pink, this is more of a neon medium purple. It's definitely not for the shy. For a purple, it's actually quite easy to apply and isn't streaky or watery.
OCC Iced

Iced: "Pure white frost" Unless you're living in a winter wonderland, you probably won't be wearing this color on its own. I think this is perfect though for those people who want to lighten up a color and also add some depth. Since the shimmer in Iced is so fine, when you mixed with another lip tar Iced adds more of a frost quality to the lip tar than any real shimmer or sparkle.

OCC Kava Kava

Kava Kava: "Medium peach" This is quite the milky peach. I think you do have to be a bit careful because it can settle in the lip lines. This is still a beautiful color but some finesse is required. It does seem like the beige lip tars are a bit more finicky with application.

OCC Lydia

Lydia: "Darkroom plum" I think this would be the perfect stepping stone color for someone who wants to get into wearing purple lip colors. Lydia is like a dusky berry pink with a slight plummy quality to it. It's not quite a pink but not quite a purple.

OCC Pretty Boy

Pretty Boy: "Super-rich fuchsia" If this isn't a perfect barbie pink, I don't know what is. Pretty Boy is a bright and bold pink that needs no real description, it speaks for itself.

To show off the mixing properties of Iced, here are some combinations I did by mixing it each with Hoochie, Lydia, and Pretty Boy. You can see that they're not overly shimmery but just have this slight frosty quality to them without looking dated.

OCC Iced collage

If you're into both bright and wearable colors and like to mix your colors, this set is perfect for you!

Disclaimer: I purchased this set myself. All opinions are my own. The link marked as an affiliate link gives me a commission based off your use of the link when making your purchase. The commission helps support me and the blog but feel free to use a nonaffiliate link!

OCC Pro's Picks Lip Tar Set v1.0 Swatches and Review

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In an effort to continue my latest endeavor of turning lip tars into lipstick pencils, I bought both the OCC Pro's Picks Lip Tar Sets in v1.0 and 2.0 (all due to Sephora gift cards I hoarded from my birthday) and today I'm going to swatch and review v1.0 set and I'll swatch and review the v2.0 set in another post!

OCC Pros Pick Lip Tar Set v1.0

The lip tars in this set are Grandma, Melange, Ophelia, Stalker, and Vintage. Out of the three Pro Picks Lip Tar Sets, I'd say that this v1.0 set has the most "wearable" set of shades with a range from the very pink Ophelia to the darker deceptively intimidating Vintage (which is just a deeper berry red as opposed to be a super dark burgundy)

Where to Purchase: Sephora (affiliate link), 

Price: $49.00 for five full size lip tars and a full sized lip brush.(.33 oz in each lip tar). Valued at $108 as the lip tars are $18 each and the lip brush retails for $18.
Packaging: The lip tars and the lip brush are packaged in a clear bag with a zip closure.
Do they test on animals?: Nope they don't and they never will. The lip tars are also vegan.
Wear Time: I usually get about six to eight hours of wear (depending on the shades, the deeper reds wear better) but be wary of feathering. There's one exception that I cover later on.

Anyway, swatch time! I'm trying to experiment with how I present my swatch photos and a bunch of you said seeing a picture of my face wearing the color would be really helpful so I hope you like the collage presentation.

The swatch photos were taken in natural daylight with no flash and the lip tars applied with the accompanying brush.

 OCC Grandma

Grandma: "Clean, classic coral" This is a beautiful bright and springy orange with a dash of pink. It's a universal color that would fabulous on both lighter and darker skin tone. There's enough pigment in the lip tar so it doesn't look overly milky on the lips and it wears beautifully.

OCC Melange

Melange: "Terracotta neutral" Melange is quite an toned down orange beige, a little milky in composition. This is a color that looks very intimidating in the tube but is actually quite wearable on the lips. I really thought I'd hate this color but I like it, I think it's a very autumnal color (and I'm craving fall weather after the heat right now!!)

OCC Ophelia

Ophelia: "Petal pink flush" Uh yeah, this is a pale bubblegum pink that's not very flattering on my skintone by itself. This would probably work better on paler skin tones or mixed in with another color to tone it down but it is a difficult of a color to apply evenly on the lips as it can show off brushstrokes if you're not careful. Wear time is poor compared to as the rest of the colors because it starts getting patchy on the lips so the "good" wear time is compromised and I personally can't wear this for more than a few minutes because of how uneven it starts looking on the lips. This is a better mixer than a color on its own.

OCC Stalker

Stalker: "Pin-Up blue based red" The most universally flattering shade in the bunch. It's utterly beautiful and wonderously pigmented. I don't own NSFW so I'm not entirely sure of the difference between that and Stalker but if you're looking for a true blue based red, this is it. (Stains terribly FYI). I'm so in love.

OCC Vintage

Vintage: "Deep true burgundy" Vintage is a step up in sophistication from Stalker. It's not a bold red but an alluring deep berry red. When you first put it on your lips it looks quite brown but when evened out, the red in the shade comes out. I'm actually a little surprised at how much I like the color, I thought it'd be a little too dark but it's wonderful if you're steering yourself away from the bright and bold reds.

If you're looking for a set of lip tars with colors that range from the palest pink to a deeper red, this set is for you! You're getting a 55% discount buying the lip tars in a set as opposed to buying them individually. 

Disclaimer: I purchased this set myself. All opinions are my own. The link marked as an affiliate link gives me a commission based off your use of the link when making a purchase. The commission made helps support myself and the blog however feel free to use a nonaffiliate link.