Meet Leo

Hello everyone, it's quite overdue but I'm happy to introduce someone special to the world. My little Leo arrived a little over two weeks early on a Sunday in October. 

As you can see, he wasn't very enthused about the Christmas photos.

I was due in early November and spent the week leading up to giving birth talking about how I was hoping not to give birth in October because I didn't feel ready to give birth to an October baby (since I'd drilled the idea of a November baby in my head). Baby clearly had other plans and my water broke at 10am on Sunday.

I tried to be calm when I told my husband about my water breaking, see if you can spot when I told him based on his heart rate monitor.

Twelve hours later with an epidural that I only benefitted from for less than 2 hours, I gave birth at 10pm. All things considered, I know I had a relatively easy birth since it was 12 hours from start to finish but it definitely didn't seem that easy while I was in the thick of it.

The COVID restrictions were tough, I was only allowed one companion who could not leave during my stay. That meant only my husband could be with me while the rest of my family had to wait. We wore masks during the process, though my husband and I were allowed to take them off while we were alone in the room. While I had been dealing with the restrictions during the entire pregnancy (my husband wasn't allowed at ANY of my prenatal appointments), it seemed more difficult not to share in the moment with my family there.

The beginning was also rough because he had jaundice, a tongue tie that was revised, poor latching despite the revision resulting in me exclusively pumping, and now torticollis (tight neck muscle) which contributed to a flat spot on the left side of his head. Leo's almost four months old but I'm feeling like it's only now that I feel like my head is above water and I have time to do more than just feed him, change him, and put him to sleep.  It's all too easy to feel like I'm losing my sense of identity beyond just being a mother, especially as a first time mom but I'm thankful for the support I've been able to have. 

Sometimes I'm in disbelief that they let me go home with him but it's really been worth the hard nights (and poo diapers!)

How have you all been? I still have trouble writing and typing 2021.