Rose Gold Romance FOTD/EOTD

I Purchased This Gift

There is a high probability that I'm taking a break/procrastinating on a paper due next Tuesday. There are only so many times I can reread an article before I need a break from it. I've really been into the color Rose Gold for Fall and rediscovered my L'oreal Infallible Eyeshadow in Amber Rush which I think is the perfect shade so I wanted to use it in a quick look.

I paired it with a Jane Cosmetics Eyeliner in Rose Gold that I got impulsively but I think it's going to go back to the store since the color payoff seems super poor on me.

Rose Gold Eyeshadow FOTD

Rose Gold Eyeshadow FOTD

I also wanted to use my Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Streak. I'm feeling kind of underwhelmed by it. Don't get me wrong, I like the color but it takes a few swipes to get opaque looking (and even then it's prone to getting a little streaky). It does last about four hours comfortably on my lips. I got it on sale for $17 but I think the full price of $22 is hard to swallow when it's not super opaque and I have to be wary of streaks. I'm going to keep wearing it to see how I like it but I'm hoping I didn't set my hopes too high because of the hype.

Rose Gold Eyeshadow FOTD

Products Used:


BareMinerals Ready Foundation in Golden Medium
Rock and Republic Blush in Bedroom

L'oreal Infallible Eyeshadow in Amber Rush
Jane Cosmetics Water Resistant Eyeliner in Rose Gold
BUXOM Hold the Line Eyeliner in Here's My Number
Anastasia Lash Genius
BareMinerals Flawless Definition Volumizing Mascara
Anastasia Brow Wiz in Medium Ash
Anastasia Brow Powder Duo in Medium Brown

Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Streak

Disclaimer: I received several products in this look as a gift from attending Generation Beauty and several products courtesy of their respective brands. All opinions are my own.

Hue in the City: Beauty Bloggers Chat Vol. 2.0

Question of the Week: What makeup rule(s) do you ignore?

My answer: I had to ponder this for a while hmm. There's this rule that if you have small eyes, you shouldn't line your lower waterline with black eyeliner but I actually think that without eyeliner, my eyes look undefined and really top heavy.

For you guys: What makeup rules do you ignore?

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Sugarpill Cosmetics Die Pretty! Halloween Special Sale

Affiliate Link

sugarpill sale die pretty

Sugarpill (affiliate link) tends to be pretty consistent with their big sales (one in February and one in November) so it's nice when they have random sales like this. With the coupon code "DIEPRETTY" you can get their new Cold Chemistry Collection and their Burning Heart Palette for 15% off. They do ship worldwide by the way! Be sure to check out Temptalia's and Leesha's swatches of the collection!

Disclaimer: The photo and the link in this post are affiliate links that give me a commission based off your use of the link when you make your purchase which helps support myself and the blog. Feel free to use a nonaffiliate link!

Hue in the City: Beauty Bloggers Chat Vol. 1.0

Question of the Week: What three makeup items can you NOT live without and why?

The three makeup items I can't live without and why are my Milani Eyeshadow Primer, Shu Uemura/Koji eyeshadow curler, and Anastasia Brow Wiz in Medium Ash. I need eyeshadow primer because my hooded oily Asian eyes do a number on any eyeshadow if not protected, an eyelash curler because whenever I curl my eyelashes, it really opens my eyes, and Anastasia's Brow Wiz because I've been making a mess out of my uneven brows and I gotta keep them in shape!

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BonBliss Scrub-2-Go and Body Truffle Scrub Review

I Purchased This Gift

It only took me oh about nine months after I was introduced to them to finally post a review. Most assuredly, I can blame Alyson/The Gloss Menagerie for introducing me to these BonBliss body scrubs because she instagrammed a picture of a sweets shoppe-style selection of individually wrapped chocolate-style body truffles at ISSE Long Beach.

I didn't end up purchasing anything until June when I went to PHAMExpo to pick up a tin of their Scrub-2-Go, a travel-friendly tin of their body scrubs. I purchased a tin of the Scrub-2-Go in the Mango Sorbet scent and the owner Elissa was nice enough to give me an extra Body Truffle (also in Mango Sorbet, if you've ever met me in person you'd know how obsessed I am with mango-scented anything)

These salt and sugar scrubs are amazingly moisturizing and exfoliating on the hands and body. After you use the scrub, you'll find your hands and body smooth and moisturized with a bit of cocoa and shea butter residue left over. I hate to say residue because it sounds like it has a negative connotation but it makes you feel like you just put on a nice coat of lotion and you can rub it in for further moisturization.

BonBliss Scrub-2-Go Body Truffle

The Scrub-2-Go tin retails for $10.95 for 1.2 oz/34 grams of product. Each cube weighs about 2 grams and so there's about seventeen cubes in each tin. I had exactly seventeen cubes in my tin. These are a brilliant hand scrub, especially before doing a manicure on yourself or as a foot scrub if you want to target dry heels.

The Body Truffle retails for $3.75 for 1.0 oz/28 grams of product. As you can tell, the Body Truffle is a better value but whereas the Scrub-2-Go is marketed as a hand scrub, the Body Truffle is marketed as the name says, to use as an all over body scrub. I was able to get two full body showers out of the Body Truffle so you don't have to use it all at once. 

Be sure to keep the Body Truffle out of the direct stream of water if you're using it in the shower.

BonBliss Scrub-2-Go Body Truffle

How to use:
  • Unwrap either a Scrub-2-Go cube or the Body Truffle. The Body Truffles are wrapped in parchment or wax paper and then in the foil. You can use the whole Scrub-2-Go cube at once but I preferred breaking off portions of the Body Truffle, 1/2 is enough for one shower.  
  • Then wet your hands or body, gentle crumble and rub the scrub where you need it. If you find it too abrasive, add a bit of water and rub until the salt and sugar is dissolved. Be careful about slipping in the shower!
  • Rinse yourself clean.
  • When drying off, pat yourself dry to ensure you don't rub off the moisturizing shea butter. Your hands should feel nice, smooth, and moisturized for ages.
I like to use the Scrub-2-Go about once a week so I run out of my tin less quickly. I like using it before doing my nails so I can smooth down my cuticles and hands. I find these scrubs to be wonderfully moisturizing and now that the Santa Ana acrid winds are coming into Orange County (which is the onset of dry weather for autumn), I'll need every bit of moisture I can get.

The scent Mango Sorbet is a deliciously sweet and fruity mango scent. I found that it lasted at least three hours on my skin after washing.

Shipping is $6.95 flat rate and free on orders over $75. There are some local stores that stock BonBliss scrubs so feel free to check out their Facebook page for the list of locations.

Would I purchase more? Hell yes I would! They're actually exhibiting at Be Well Expo which I'm attending this Saturday so I might just pick up another tin of Mango Sorbet. If you can get your hands on them, I would definitely recommend picking up a tin!

Disclaimer: I purchased the tin of Scrub-2-Go myself and received the Body Truffle from the owners of the company. All opinions are my own. I was not compensated for this post and there are no affiliate links in the post.

Dreamworld Hermetica Hocus Pocus Collection Eyeshadow Swatches and Review

Press Sample

So before I get to the post, I want to talk about something I've been pondering for a while. I've been rethinking how I do my swatches and I want to start doing eyeshadow swatches with and without primer so you guys can see how pigmented (or not) an eyeshadow is on its own. I think a lot of brands have started to rely on a primer to "boost" the pigmentation of their eyeshadows and I would like to hold companies to a better standard where the consumer doesn't have to rely on that. I personally always wear primer and you can get a decent primer for only a few bucks. Still though, I suppose for those who really want to see an eyeshadow stand alone, it's worth seeing how it is without primer. Is this something you guys would be interested in?

Anyway, back to the post! Today I have the Dreamworld Hermetica Hocus Pocus Collection Eyeshadows to swatch. The collection is themed after the movie Hocus Pocus and it's perfect timing before Halloween! The collection includes sixteen eyeshadows, two cheek colors, and two lip colors. I have all sixteen eyeshadows to swatch for today.

I was supremely impressed with the eyeshadows. They're quite pigmented without primer but enhanced with primer. I recommend primer anyway to prevent creasing but this isn't an eyeshadow that needs a primer to make it look good. These eyeshadows are finely milled but not dusty with brilliant sparkle and a metallic shine. 

Where to Purchase: Dreamworld Hermetica
Price: $2.75 for 0.5 to 0.75 grams (without a sifter). $5.49 for 1 to 1.5 grams.
Packaging: The mini and full size come in jars. The mini doesn't come with a sifter but the full size does.
Do they test on animals?: Nope they don't.

Dreamworld Hermetica Hocus Pocus Eyeshadow Collection

All swatches were photographed in natural daylight. The eyeshadows were swatched dry, the left swatch over bare skin and the right swatch over Milani Eyeshadow Primer. As you can see, most of the eyeshadows don't need it. 

Dreamworld Hermetica Hocus Pocus Collection

1963: "Deep purplish brown" Although not a color I liked, it's a deep red toned purple that's got a shine to it.
All Hallow's Eve: "Warm metallic with pink undertones that shift" A deep metallic orange, it's perfect for fall.
Angry Zombie: "Mixture of copper, bronze, and tan that has created a beautiful deep bronze" One of my favorites in the set. It turns positively metallic and foiled over primer. A must-have!
Black Flamed Candle: "Purplish brown with yellow undertones. Slight shimmer." I didn't think this was much of a purplish brown, it almost seemed more like a deep pewter. I thought it looked beautiful in the bag but I thought it had a little too much fall out.

Dreamworld Hermetica Hocus Pocus Collection

Bloody Witch: "Deep brownish black with shifting reddish undertones" I'm surprised at how much I like the color.  Deeply pigmented with or without primer.
Cursed Boy: "Deep black with copper undertones" Meh, I didn't like this color as much. I was hoping the black would be deeper and that the copper sparkles would stand out more. I don't think it's a must-have.
Evil Witch: "Medium greenish color with blue undertones" This color would be perfect as an inner corner highlight or for a pop of color in the middle of the lid. It does need primer to look its best.
Girl with the Yabbos: "Brown to green shifting color" This actually reminds me of MAC's Green Brown though the green shifting color isn't as strong. Great for a smoky eye.

Dreamworld Hermetica Hocus Pocus Collection

Hallowed Ground: "Soft iridescent green with a warm undertone" I actually don't see the green in this, it seems much more of a blue silver than a green with a warm undertone. Still beautiful nonetheless.
Hocus Pocus: "Multi-colored, multi-dimensional. A charcoal black with silver sparkle." This was one that really needed the help of a primer. I also thought it was a little difficult to see the rainbow sparkle. This was prone to fall out.
ICE: "A blueish silver" This also really needed the help with a primer, this was the worst offender for fall out so you gotta be careful.
Little Witch: "A peachy bronze with gold shimmer" Super duper thought this was brilliant. I think this is a good color for when you want to do a lazy eye look, pat it on to your eyelid for one shade and blend in your crease for another.

Dreamworld Hermetica Hocus Pocus Collection

Siren Witch: "Deep satiny cool purple" Purples can sometimes be tricky but this performed wonderfully with and without a primer. 
Spell Book: "Deep burgundy with multiple shimmers" It's difficult to see but Spell Book has this brilliant gold filled sparkle against the burgundy background. It was one of my favorites though you do have to be careful about fall out.
Under Ground Crypt: "Green with blueish undertones. Satiny finish." This has a real brilliant shine to it. A pretty sage green.
Young Virgin: "A gorgeous blue color with shifting colors" I'm a little meh on the color. I thought it looks a little muddy compared to the rest of the shades in the line. Not a pick for me.

Would I purchase more? I would like to try more! I'm happily surprised at the pigmentation of some of the colors. I think it's been difficult for me to quantify significant differences between indie eyeshadows when swatching over primer so it's brilliant to see that many of these shades are pigmented even without a primer. Must haves are All Hallow's Eve, Angry Zombie, Bloody Witch, Spell Book, and Under Ground Crypt.

Disclaimer: I received these eyeshadow samples courtesy of the brand. All opinions are my own. There are no affiliate links in this post. I was not compensated for posting about these eyeshadows.