Two Looks with MAC Deep Truth

Side note: Do any of you guys have stupid pests? I've been plagued with ants recently but they're not very smart.

They went for the dining room in my house which is next to the kitchen. Then the bathroom which has no food and then they went for my laundry basket. Now they're back to my bathroom. I honestly don't get it, is there something about food that they don't like? Do I have stupid ants?

On the other hand, I have extremely smart spiders. They've now set up their own shanty town by the trail of ants (my dad has been out of ant spray so hopefully they'll be gone by the time this posts) and I see them in action a lot. Last I checked there were 3 bigger spiders and 1 smaller spider going to town with the ants.

Knowing my penchant to forget about the ants, I wrote myself a note and put it on the wall warning me not to go to the bathroom downstairs.

Anyway, onwards to the looks!

I just looked on Scrangie's blog and saw this look and I did something similar :)

Urban Decay Primer Potion
TKB Trading Coral Reef Blue mica mixed with C-SMAX base
MAC Deep Truth
MAC Provence pigment as a highlight
Maybelline Full and Soft in Brownish Black WP

There are two pictures of this because I liked how it looked better than the other one.

Urban Decay Primer Potion
Jane Eye zing in black something I forgot the name
MAC Deep Truth
MAC Provence pigment as a highlight
Stila Smudge Pot in black on the lower lash line topped with Deep Truth
Maybelline Full and Soft in Brownish Black WP

By the way, my undereyes are super wrinkly because I have a tendency to rub my eyes a lot and I did when I was younger

Talika Lipocils Expert Experiment: Day 19

I thought I'd just give an update on how well the Talika Lipocils Expert is working on my lashes.

Here's what my lashes looked like in the beginning.

Here's how they look on Day 19

As to some of their claims, I haven't noticed any real curling other than on the lashes at the very end, mostly the wispy ones. The length of my lashes is the biggest change I've seen thus far and pigmentation-wise it has stayed the same. My lashes certainly look a bit fuller too!

I'll say though, it's kind of a pain applying mascara on after putting on the Talika. I made the mistake of putting it on, waiting for it to dry and then subsequently trying to curl my lashes. You have to wait quite a bit after putting it on to curl your lashes otherwise they'll stay stubbornly straight.

I shall update you when I'm done using it for the suggested time!

Mini Sally Beauty Supply Haul/Thoughts

Of course I'd get all discontinued products, but I digress it was still nice. My Sally Beauty Supply had so many things on clearance! CND Cuticle Eraser(which I don't enjoy the scent of so I didn't get that), the Supernail version of the Cuticle Eraser, the mini Mango Mend and lots more! You should definitely check out your local one.

3.99 for Nail Bright and 2.99 for the Femme Couture Gel eyeliner in Espresso

I got the Nail Bright because I'm looking for something that'll help with my yellow nails. They've been growing out pinker because I stopped using NailTek Foundation II and CND Stickey Base(the old version)
Stila Black Smudge Pot on the left, Femme Couture gel eyeliner on the right.

Anyways, here's a swatch of the Femme Couture gel eyeliner(if you could really call it that). It's got such a quirky texture;when I got it and tested it out in the car due to my lack of patience, I thought it had melted because it was so soft. Nope, it's squishy and has a really shiny texture as seen in the swatch.

Not sure if I like it on the eyes, must investigate more.

Playing around with CG Millennium

I was having fun and considering changing my CG OMG Konad-icure so I decided to use China Glaze Millennium and Orly Matte Vinyl along with M57.

From left to right, CG Millennium with black zebra, CG Millennium with black fishnet M57, Orly Matte Vinyl with CG Millennium zebra

I think my favorite has to be the last one, I love the contrast of the matte black with the chromey silver.

KOTD: China Glaze OMG with M57

Excuse my messy cuticles, I'm out of pure acetone so I've been trying to manage with normal polish remover and it's not working so well.

This was an experiment but I don't know if I like the combo together, mostly because it kind of obscures the holographicness. This was 3 coats topped with Seche Vite, Konad in Black and Seche Vite again

Pink Konad Top Coat=Fail

I was really super excited to try the Pink Konad because I had heard that it was perfect to put over French manicures to get that slight pink tint without overly muting the stark whiteness of the french tip.

Well it was a total waste.

I had done a French pedicure mostly just to try it out on my feet. I did it at night, went to bed and then went to a little party and played with a 6 year old from 1:30-8.

By the way, I actually rode a bike (without training wheels) for the first time ever! Yeah I'm 19, but I only got so far as training wheels before I quit.

The 6 year old's dad found out (it was at his house) and made it his mission to teach me. In 5 minutes I was totally riding by myself. The next 30ish minutes were spent running to the park, sifting through the sand to find baby pinecones and then running back.

I came home around 9ish to find nearly every single toe has chipped polish on it. I mean seriously? I know it wasn't ruined because of smudging or anything because there were no smear marks but it was seriously chipped.

I would show you a picture but my feet are not pretty due to past experiences as a dancer.

Either way, Pink Top coat=Fail.

I can't say if the regular Top Coat is the same in terms of quality, simply because I don't have it but I know I won't stray from my Seche Vite. I'll try a sandwich of Pink Top Coat and then Seche Vite over it but it seems like such a pain in the ass to have to double up on top coat.

Talika Lipocils Expert Experiment: Day 8

So far it seems like it's been working well but I do have some qualms about it. When I use it, it tends to make my lashes clump and therefore, it makes my lashes look clumpy with mascara. It is annoying considering that it says you can use it pre-mascara but I don't like how it looks.

Anyways, here's a picture of Day 0 just to remind you guys

Here's Day 8

There is a difference in length, there's a small freckle on the left side of the picture near the ends of my lashes that corresponds in both pictures. I have seen no real difference in my lashes' curls or in the pigmentation of my lashes, but they're dark anyways, I don't care.

I haven't noticed any sort of drying around my eyes so as far as the whole no side effect business, it's ringing true!

I'm right I swear I am!

I've been working at my job for only a couple of days but I've encountered many a different kinds of customers, which is normal for retail work. I actually work at a local fair selling Konad :D so that'll definitely mean I'll have new plates to play with.

I encountered one of those all knowing customers who kept on perpetuating the idea that nail polish remover=thinner.

Now if nail polish remover is used to remove nail polish from your nails, thus breaking down nail polish, then why would it ever be added to nail polish? Logically that would break down the nail polish right?

Just oy. Anyways, Mondays and Tuesdays are my definite days off meaning I'll be able to plan posts more on these days!

Here's a Konad I did with M57(new favorite plate, hells yeah Zebra)

I absolutely love the formula for Custom Kicks (the polish I posted), it is absolutely perfect. It's extremely pigmented and smooth and just perfect. What bugs me is that sometimes the small shimmer isn't evenly distributed so some of my fingers are looking bluer than others (like with my pinky) I'm looking for a non-shimmer version of Custom Kicks because I love the color

Minor Break Time!

I'll be working for the next month and I'm unsure of my hours, so I'll just warn you guys that posts might be limited but if possible, I'll post more Konad of the Days :)

Have a fab summerrr

EOS Lip Balm Review

I've been scoping out for this balm ever since I had seen a lot of blogs feature it and it's intriguing considering its round shape and it touts itself as being 95% organic and 100% natural. I got it in the scent Honeysuckle Honeydew. I've never smelled honeysuckle but it does have a faint smell of honeydew and is quite pleasant. This doesn't have SPF but they sell another one in Lemon Drop that does have SPF 15

Here is the top of it. My nails are Claire's Confident/Peaceful nail polish

I had originally written a really long winded review but I'll just sum it up by saying that it is a cute novelty lip balm, the texture is a bit thin which kind of cuts down on how moisturizing it is. It is okay in that sense.

And it all opened up.

I find it fun to use and people have taken notice of it because of the weird packaging, which can be annoying if you're trying to be minimalist with regards to what you want to carry. I'll certainly use it until it runs out but I don't think I'll buy another.

It is .25 oz of product, whereas Blistex and Chapstick have .15 oz

You can find this at Walgreens.

Om nom nom Pho time

Pho is a Vietnamese rice noodle soup, and it can be with chicken (Pho Ga) or Beef (Pho Bo) or other kinds of meats but those two are the most popular.

Hoisin sauce is this sweet (and deceptively salty) condiment that you dip the meat in. You're supposed to pull the noodles over the beef because the beef is put into the soup raw and as it is in the broth it cooks

Talika Lipocils Expert Day 0

A couple of weeks ago I had heard of this contest that would let you get a free sample of Talika Lipocils Expert, and in return you would just have to make a video about your experiences and you'd be entered into a contest to win 1000 dollars worth of Talika products!

Needless to say I jumped on the chance, even though normally I'm not fond of the whole tit for tat review process. As it is, I figured since I'd probably never willingly purchase it in real life (it retails for 55 dollars on Sephora) it'd be a good opportunity to try it!

If you want to enter, you can here :) You have until July 24th to request one! If you do join, you are asked to take 3 before pictures (specifics in the contest rules) and 3 after pictures and include that in a 3 minute video.

I believe I requested it around the first several days and I only got it today so it does take a little while to get to you.

Here are my bare lashes

And a forward view. Blast my downward straight lashes!

I'll update every 7 days if I can!

*Product sent as part of a contest with the intent to review*

NOTD: OPI Do you Lilac It+Konad

I like this color but I don't like having to do 3 coats for it. This is the paisley design from the M60 plate :)

NYX Round Lipgloss Swatches and Review

I decided to swatch my NYX Round Lipglosses. The Round Lipglosses happen to have a strong lemon cleaner scent (like Pledge) which is a real turn off. If it weren't for that, I would be more inclined to try more of their lipglosses.

Close up lip pictures ahead! I know some people are kind of weirded out by seeing lips up close but I think it is best with regards to giving detail. I'm around an NC30 I believe

My bare lips

NYX Natural Round Lipgloss

NYX Apricot Round Lipgloss (definitely my favorite!)

Apricot looks super bright in the tube but it mellows out on the lips. Gorgeous.

Coral Reef and Indian Blue

You know, I never realized how hard it is to come up with names for eyeshadow looks until I started doing them.

Urban Decay Primer Potion
TKB Trading Coral Reef Blue (Inner 2/3rd)
TKB Trading Indian Blue(Outer 1/3rd) and on the lower lash line
Mac Electric Eel(In the outer crease)
88 palette (highlight)
Maybelline Full n Soft Mascara WP

Teal pigment is my baby

I've been trying to use my MAC pigments more, I absolutely love the texture of them.

I'm pretty sure I'm not thinking straight because I'm contemplating switching my Fall schedule to take Calc 1 instead of Survey of Calc and Child/Family Development to take an Engineering class about Energy conservation.

I absolutely LOVED my survey of calc teacher and he's teaching the 2nd half of the class but I am unsure about switching.

My math hating boyfriend assures me I'm thinking normally which worries me now

I'll show my eyebrows after they get threaded, I'm trying to grow them out a little bit to justify getting them threaded.

Urban Decay Primer Potion
MAC Azreal Blue pigment
MAC Teal Pigment (the first pigment I ever purchased!)
Nyx Black Eyeliner under Teal Pigment on the lower lid
88 palette
L'oreal Carbon Black Voluminous WP

Fourth of July Manicure

I took the idea of Fourth of July quite literally and did a flag on my ring finger. My family usually doesn't do much for Fourth of July in the daytime but at night we go to watch fireworks at our local pier.

I drew 10/13 stripes and had 5 rhinestones on it.

I used N.Y.C. Skin Tight Denim mixed with China Glaze's Dorothy Who?, with L.A Colors Art Deco polish in White and Red Glitter.

What will you guys do for Fourth of July?