Get the Brows But Better Look with Essence Make Me Brow

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Hey everyone! Today's review is on the Essence Make Me Brow Gel Eyebrow Mascara. This is a recent add to Essence's brow line and great for anyone looking for an affordable fiber brow gel. Fiber brow gels are excellent for building volume and depth for your eyebrows.

One can't help but notice that it looks strikingly similar to a certain Benefit Gimme Brow product. I don't own the Benefit Gimme Brow but I'm happy to try anything that sounds even remotely similar. Check out my thoughts on the eyebrow mascara!

The Eyebrow Mascara comes in two shades; Blondy Brows (a light brown) and Browny Brows (grey toned dark brown). I have the shade Browny Brows, which works great for me since I prefer an ashier brow product.

Where to Purchase: Target, stores

Price: $2.99 for .13 oz
Do they test on animals?: The company does not test on animals.
Packaging: The Make Me Brow Gel Eyebrow Mascara comes in a slim tube with a short wand to apply with. The wand is teensy weeny so it makes application super easy if you don't have particularly full brows.


Essence says: "This NEW tinted gel formula contains tiny fibers that fills in gaps to create fuller, more defined eyebrows. The perfectly sized fiber brush shapes and tames to brow perfection."

If you're someone who has a fuller/defined brow shape but needs a little filling or a fluffier look, you'll like this. The formula gives you light definition and shape while the fibers help to add dimension to your brows. This lasts all day on my brows, giving light hold without feeling crunchy. It truly gives me the "Brows But Better" Look, enhancing my natural brow shape without making it too dramatic. 

Frankly you could pair this with any other brow product you're already using, be it a powder, pencil, pomade. If you're new to doing your brows, it can be kind of hard to go from wearing no product to doing full on brows. This gives you a light brow look so you can get used to wearing a brow product or on days when you want a quick and easy brow look.


I did a quickie swatch of the eyebrow mascara. The left photo is of my bare brows, the right photo is of the brow with the eyebrow mascara. It helps fill out my brows without making it look too "done".


If you need to apply something quick to your brows or you want to amp up the brows you already have, this is absolutely perfect for it! It does a great job at adding some "oomph" to my brows and gives a fuller look without the artificial vibe. It's worth it for only $2.99 if one of the two shades fits you. You could also pair this with any other eyebrow product you're using since the fiber formula helps add depth to your eyebrows.

What are you currently using in your eyebrows?

Disclaimer: I received this product courtesy of the brand. All opinions are my own and I was not compensated for this review. There are affiliate links in this post which provide me with a commission based off your use of the link. 


  1. Currently I am using the same surprisingly :D But I own the other one, You Glow Girl as well. I have warm yellow toned skin and that silver pink highlighter in fact looks ah-mazing against my skin! I had not expected a cool toned highlighter to look this good on me to be honest :D

  2. It looks perfect on you. I prefer brows like this.

  3. My brows are thinning out so I have to try this out. It looks great on your brows.

  4. This filled in your brows so nicely. I think mine are too sparse for this though.

  5. I loved using the Benefit Gimme Brow for quick mornings but this looks comparable!

  6. What a great brow product!

  7. I've really liked using brow mascara like this lately for really quick thickening

  8. Most brow gels I've tried don't build nearly that much! great natural brow.

  9. I prefer brow gel - less messy and super quick. This is a great, affordable dupe for Gimme Brow.

  10. The wand is a little different than Benefit but it seems to do the same thing!

  11. That looks really nice. And it's great for a quick touch to the brow without the whole heavy lined instagram effect.

  12. That is such a pretty shade! I think the perfect highlight/blush duo


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