I Can't Think of a Witty Title EOTD

Sorry no full face pictures because I got lazy but I'm in love with the Wet n Wild Lust palette so I wanted to do another look with it. Cheap as chips for 4.99 and pigmented to boot!

So it looks a little similar to this look but it is different enough for me!
Urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden
Inglot Matte 348 on the lid
Wet n Wild Lust Palette
- the light purple color in the crease
- the dark purple color in the outer crease and on the lash line
- the matte pink as a highlight
L'oreal Voluminous WP Mascara

KKCenterHK ES A45 review

So I was sent another box of ES eyelashes to review from KKCenterHK and I'm rather happy because I'm slowly becoming a false eyelashes junkie. These are the ES A45 eyelashes; they're criss-cross eyelashes with a clear liner.

Here's a comparison with and without the eyelashes. Don't mind the scraggly hair!
Pros: I definitely prefer this packaging over the way some of the other eyelashes (review here) in the brand were packaged. These lashes are precut and glued to half moons which makes it infinitely easier to remove. I didn't have to fiddle with strong glue and the eyelashes held their shape much better!

The price is amazing, $5.40 for ten pairs is a hell of a bargain.

Neutral: Unfortunately they are just too long for me and they push up against my glasses . I didn't want to consider this a con because it could be great for people who fancy the long lash look.

That being said, they're a little too plastic feeling for my taste.

I had a bit of a problem with the clear liner because I thought it looked weird on my lashline. It isn't as obvious far away but if someone was really close to your eye then maybe it's noticeable.
If you use eyelash glue that dries dark I think that might take care of the issue.

Here's a close up picture of what I meant.

For me, I wouldn't get these lashes again (although the ones I have will last for a long time). Some of the other ES lashes look a lot more natural and my favorite ones so far have been this pair!

Disclosure: I received the eyelashes for free from KKCenterHK. None of the links are affiliate links and I am not getting paid for posting this! The fact that I got these eyelashes for me hasn't changed my opinion of them at all and I'm not compensated in any way.

Love Parcel From Anna!

I was in a not so cheery mood when I came home yesterday because of traffic and a bout of hunger but it was such a nice surprise to come home and see Anna's package from Germany! (If you haven't checked out her blog yet, here's the link) This is only 1/2 of it so I'm super excited to see what the other half has!

I've heard some good things about P2 so I'm glad she put something from them in it. Although it doesn't look too clear, the eyeshadow really reminds me of Too Faced Baked Eyeshadows. Both are planetary themed plus the packaging looks very similar. The P2 eyeshadow doesn't match any of Too Faced eyeshadows but I do wonder if they're made by the same manufacturer!

I got some bomb-diggity lip glosses, a scrub and a Maybelline eyeshadow.
Mmm Kinder chocolate. Sorry America you've never had chocolate until you've had European chocolate. There are some Kinder chocolates I can get in America but never the Kinder eggs. The Schoko-Bons are my sister's favorite so she promptly grabbed a bunch.
Thank you so much Anna! I hope my package to you gets to you soon :D

I should have my KKCenterHK eyelashes review up either today or tomorrow!

Physicians Formula Glam Brown Eyes Gel Liner

I was rather intrigued by the color of these liners plus I'm such a sucker for collecting many different kinds of gel/creme liners. I went back and forth about whether to get this one or the other set of liners for brown eyes but I figured I could always get the other ones another time.

The three shades are gold, bronze, and a black with bronze shimmer. I had some difficulty capturing the shade of bronze liner but it errs on a new penny bronze. The sheen is quite excellent in the first two
A better picture of the bronze liner but it's still much more penny colored and not as brown.
Here's a photo to show that the shimmer in the black liner does show up a bit.
I have to say that the gold is the most sheerest, the bronze applies a lot lighter than in the pot and I just love the black with bronze shimmer color. They would work fine as an eyeshadow base but when they're rubbed down they are fairly sheer.

It claims to have a 24 hour wear time and be water-resistant. I definitely agree about the water-resistant claim and I wore it for 10 hours and it only wore away at the edges of my eye.

I believe this was 10.95 but I got it for 7.95 thanks to an Ulta coupon.

I need some retail therapy considering how much studying I have to do for my phonetics test.

Inglot Names Are Not Conducive to Good Titles

I did this look yesterday but forgot to take pictures of it so I redid it tonight. I got my inspiration from a look Phyrra did (hers was with black and teal instead of grey and teal) but for the life of me I couldn't find the actual look to link to; if I can find it I'll link to it.

By the way, Grey is having an Inglot giveaway so if you don't have access to Inglot you can try your luck at winning some!

The teal does look a little brighter in person and not as blue.
Urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden
Inglot 78 gel liner as a base and on the waterline
Matte 348 on the lid
Double Sparkle 504 in the crease
Double Sparkle 493 as a highlight
Wet n Wild Taupe eyeliner for the brows
L'oreal Voluminous WP Mascara

Valentine's Day Manicure

Revlon All Fired Up with Konad White. Plate M77 for the ring finger and M14 for the sparkles

I haven't used my Konad in a while so I thought I'd break it out as a way of procrastinating on my transcription homework. I meant to stamp the sparkles on the rest of my fingers but I ran out of nail polish remover so I just stuck with this.

I'm not doing anything exciting for Valentine's Day and instead am going out to eat dinner at Olive Garden. I've got such a soft spot for fettuccine alfredo and I don't really like chocolate (I prefer it in cake form), I don't like getting flowers, and I'm picky about jewelry.

I shall be going to the Hsi Lai Temple in SoCal and then shopping before dinner, nom nom.

No-Buy/UK Product Recommendations?

So in May (at the end of schools :D!) I'm going on vacation to London and Paris with my sister to visit my brother and other family members. We're staying one week in London, one week in Paris and then back to London before we leave for home.

Due to the huge amount of costs I've decided to try going on a No-Buy/Project 10 pan/Shop My Stash with my makeup. Of course it'll will only last until I get to London in which case I will splurge on UK makeup to my heart's content >)

So I'm relatively unacquainted with most of the makeup brands that are offered in London other than Sleek and Barry M. Can anyone make any suggestions as to places/stores/brands I should check out?

To prevent this from being a picture-less post, here's a simple EOTD that I did using the Blue Brown dupe in the Wet n Wild Comfort Zone palette

Urban Decay Primer Potion
Inglot 78 gel liner on the lid
Wet n Wild Comfort Zone
-Bottom Right Definer color on the lid and blended into the crease
-Top left browbone color as a highlight
Physician's Formula Glam Brown Eyes Black liner on the lower lash line
L'oreal Voluminous WP Mascara
Wet n Wild Taupe eyeliner for brows

Off to finish phonetics/transcription homework!

Matte Purple/Grey Look

Oooh but I do like how my lashes look. They look so fluffy and they normally don't. Also, it's annoying that Inglot doesn't name their eyeshadows. My palettes don't have the clear lid so I can't make labels for them meaning I always forget which ones I have.

It took ages for me to find the Wet n Wild 6-pan palettes but they were still at my local Rite Aid versus the local Walgreens that had already cleared out the space for 8-pans.
Urban Decay Primer Potion
Inglot 78 liner as a base and on the lower lashline
Wet n Wild Lust palette
-Middle left purple on the inner corner and a bit in the crease
-Top left eyeshadow mixed with Inglot Double Sparkle 493 as a highlight
Inglot Matte 348 in the outer half/crease and on top of the lower lashline liner
L'oreal Voluminous WP Mascara
Wet n Wild Taupe eyeliner for the brows

Comfort Zone EOTD

It took three trips to three different Walgreens but I finally managed to find a nonshattered Comfort Zone. I only wish that I got the 6-pan eyeshadows before they were discontinued because I will say that I don't like that Comfort Zone mainly has shimmery shadows.

I also had some fun and put my hair in a fishtail plait this morning. I pulled it out in the afternoon and my hair was prettily fluffy.

Meow Cosmetics Foundation
Trucco Blush in Soul (the peachy triangle)

Urban Decay Primer Potion
Wet n Wild Comfort Zone
-Left Eyelid shade in the inner corner
-Left Crease shade in the outer corner
-Left Definer shade on the lower lashline
Inglot Double Sparkle 493 as a highlight
L'oreal Voluminous WP Mascara
Wet n Wild Taupe Eyeliner on my brows

Lips: Strawberry Chapstick

Disclaimer: I won the Trucco blush in a giveaway that BeautyTicket had on twitter! I'm not being paid for this and am not associated with the company.

Inglot Update/ Smoky Purple Look

Thank heavens for Mara because I wouldn't have known this information otherwise. She recently posted about Inglot delaying the price increase and so I rushed to call my local store to confirm this. Fortunately for me (unfortunately for my wallet) they have not changed the prices yet and when I asked when they would she gave me a tentative date of the 14th.

She also informed me that they were getting a shipment in tomorrow so if anyone close to the Fashion Island location hasn't gotten any Inglot then you must go now! I would call your closest store to get more info on the price change

If you need more prodding, here's the look I wore on Monday.
Urban Decay Primer Potion
Inglot Matte 379 in the inner 2/3rd
Matte 348 in the outer corner
Double Sparkle 493 as a highlight
Inglot Gel Liner #78
L'oreal Voluminous WP Mascara
Wet n Wild Liner in Taupe for my brows

Inglot Eyeshadow & Gel Liner Swatches/Price Increase Rant

Having a local Inglot store works out well for me since I have easy access to Inglot. Still though, it's quite enabling to have so many products so close by.

Left to Right; Double Sparkle 493, Matte 379, Double Sparkle 504, Pearl 459, Matte 348


.Inglot Palette

I also swatched one of the gel liners I got. There's Inglot 78 on the left, Stila Smudge Pot in Black on the right. As you can see that the Inglot liner has a bit of a sheen when dried whereas Stila Smudge Pot dries flat matte.

This is a whopping 5.5 grams for $12 and it'll be going up to either $13 or $14. Considering the amount of colors it comes in it is definitely still worth it.

It looks more black in the pot but it shows up a nice charcoal gray. If you want a good picture you can look at my post yesterday where I wore it on my waterline.

My opinion on the brand itself is rather mixed. I really do like these eyeshadows and the plethora of colors and textures BUT I hate how Inglot went about the price increase.

There was no Press Release (bad form in my opinion) and Inglot's USA twitter was unaware of a US price increase until after I already knew about it.

I'm not very Business-World savvy but companies don't typically raise prices in an attempt to fund the expansion of the brand, they get investors and loans in order to build capital. Also, if this was in the works for months then why did no one get warning about it happening until about 5 days before the price change?

I wasn't able to stock up on the things I did like and was interested in before the change. No black gel liner, no Duraline, and most of the eyeshadows were only in square or round pans versus both.

Beauty Blogger Challenge Week 4/5/6

Oops I've been slacking on the Beauty Blogger Challenge so here's a wrap-up of all the ones I've missed plus this week's.

Is there another beauty blogger who makes you want to improve as a blogger? How so?

Definitely Temptalia. She's an astoundingly hard working beauty blogger, managing to not only have good quality swatches and eloquent reviews but she juggles law school and business school! It makes me a bit jealous to see how productive she can be in comparison to how lazy I am.

What do you think you’ve improved since you started blogging? What do you think you’ve gotten stuck on? Have you given up on/abandoned anything?

My writing still needs some work. I feel like many of my sentences are still rather short or all over the place and I have some difficulty figuring out the balance between just enough information and too much information. Also my transitions need some work.

I feel like I've improved on my pictures, using a white or black background has helped with the overall look of the photos and I try to take as many sunlight.

I haven't been taking very many nail polish posts but I think it's just easier now to write about makeup.

What beauty-related skills/techniques would you like to learn or improve? Why?

I would like to better learn/improve on blending my eyeshadow between my browbone and my eyelid. I'm rather picky about how it should look and I always feel like the blending between the two is sub-par especially since I'm picky about how high the color should go.

My brows do need some work but they just need a good threading!

Smoky Inglot Look

I went to Tet Festival today so I've got pictures of that at the end if you're interested. I didn't actually put this makeup on until afterwards because I woke up a little too late to do my makeup.

It was an excuse to try out my Inglot stuff. Also, I got the inspiration (meaning I copied it) for my lips from this post. I did use the Round Lipgloss instead of the Square one though.

I'm rather glad I chose these two e/s, they work so well with each other
Urban Decay Primer Potion
Inglot Pearl 451 on the lid
Matte 348 in the crease
Double Sparkle 463 as a highlight
Inglot Gel Liner in 78 on the upper lash line and lower waterline
Wet n Wild Taupe eyeliner as a brow pencil
L'oreal Voluminous WP Mascara
NYX Natural Lipliner
NYX Round Lipgloss in Natural

Inglot & Ulta Haul

*Note, Inglot are raising their palette prices to exorbitant levels so if you want to avoid that, get your Inglot orders in now! Grey has lots more information here*

I'm going to force myself to go on a low/no-buy until my vacation in May (to London and Paris to visit my brother!) so I'm doing a last splurge before the Inglot prices go up.

I'm so fortunate to have Inglot relatively closeby, it's only about a half hour trip on the freeway to Fashion Island in Newport Beach. When I went there today the associates were nice and were generous enough to let me be while I covered my hand in swatches.

Unfortunately most of the good items were out (like the Black gel liner and the Duraline) and some of the eyeshadows were only available in square form or round form as opposed to both.

I also had a giftcard to Ulta (thanks to my boyfriend's awesome g-ma) plus a $3.50 coupon so away I went.
Close up of the Inglot eyeshadows. I'll do a swatch post of all of my Inglot eyeshadows soon!
From left to right, Double Sparkle 463, Matte 379, Double Sparkle 504, Pearl 451, and Matte 348
If any of you guys are thinking about ordering from the Inglot Fashion Island, I found out about a 10% discount. You can check out the video here!

Have you guys tried Inglot?

Chuc Mung Nam Moi!

That's Happy New Year in Vietnamese by the way! I took some pictures of my makeup but they kept turning out blurry so here's a picture of my nails for today instead. Although I don't have any pictures, I was wearing Sugarpill's Goldilux on my eyes(red and gold are traditional colors to wear during Tết) and NYX's Natural Lip Liner with some lip balm over it on my lips.

This is Revlon's All Fired Up which is a bright gorgeous red and I had Konad's Gold Glitter top coat over my ring finger.

Edit: I just saw this piece of cha lua (a sort of sausage) in the soup we're having for dinner today and I thought it was too cute and had to be posted. The cha lua had a little star shape and flower in the middle of it.

Have a happy rest of the Lunar New Year!

Disclaimer: I got the Gold Glitter top coat as a gift

Update On Where I've Been

Firstly, I'm dropping my American Sign Language 2 class. It's been a pain in my ass because the teaching style is heavy on glossing (the translation of ASL into English words with ASL grammar) and light on the signing. I'm just going to wait until this Fall to take it at my local community college.

Secondly, I've been overdosing on the IPA. I'm taking a Phonetics class right now so I had to learn the International Phonetics Alphabet which is the system of symbols that represent the sounds in language.

Thirdly, glass nail file + ass = broken nail file :( Luckily it was in its case so I didn't get glass shards anywhere but still I so liked that nail file. If you wanted to know, glass in IPA is /glæs/

Fourthly, I'm trying to get into the habit of wearing more makeup to school now because I'm much too tired in the morning so this is my regular look for when I'm half asleep and want to loo somewhat made up!
Jordana Pen Liner in Black
Wet n Wild Eyeliner in Taupe for the brows

Lastly, It's Tết tomorrow! People who celebrate it as Chinese New Year will refer to it as the Year of the Rabbit but since I'm Vietnamese we celebrate it as the Year of the Cat. This is me nitpicking though haha. Here's a picture of what I ate for our pre-Tết celebrations.
Have a good rest of the week!