KKCenterHK ES A45 review

So I was sent another box of ES eyelashes to review from KKCenterHK and I'm rather happy because I'm slowly becoming a false eyelashes junkie. These are the ES A45 eyelashes; they're criss-cross eyelashes with a clear liner.

Here's a comparison with and without the eyelashes. Don't mind the scraggly hair!
Pros: I definitely prefer this packaging over the way some of the other eyelashes (review here) in the brand were packaged. These lashes are precut and glued to half moons which makes it infinitely easier to remove. I didn't have to fiddle with strong glue and the eyelashes held their shape much better!

The price is amazing, $5.40 for ten pairs is a hell of a bargain.

Neutral: Unfortunately they are just too long for me and they push up against my glasses . I didn't want to consider this a con because it could be great for people who fancy the long lash look.

That being said, they're a little too plastic feeling for my taste.

I had a bit of a problem with the clear liner because I thought it looked weird on my lashline. It isn't as obvious far away but if someone was really close to your eye then maybe it's noticeable.
If you use eyelash glue that dries dark I think that might take care of the issue.

Here's a close up picture of what I meant.

For me, I wouldn't get these lashes again (although the ones I have will last for a long time). Some of the other ES lashes look a lot more natural and my favorite ones so far have been this pair!

Disclosure: I received the eyelashes for free from KKCenterHK. None of the links are affiliate links and I am not getting paid for posting this! The fact that I got these eyelashes for me hasn't changed my opinion of them at all and I'm not compensated in any way.


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