Update On Where I've Been

Firstly, I'm dropping my American Sign Language 2 class. It's been a pain in my ass because the teaching style is heavy on glossing (the translation of ASL into English words with ASL grammar) and light on the signing. I'm just going to wait until this Fall to take it at my local community college.

Secondly, I've been overdosing on the IPA. I'm taking a Phonetics class right now so I had to learn the International Phonetics Alphabet which is the system of symbols that represent the sounds in language.

Thirdly, glass nail file + ass = broken nail file :( Luckily it was in its case so I didn't get glass shards anywhere but still I so liked that nail file. If you wanted to know, glass in IPA is /glæs/

Fourthly, I'm trying to get into the habit of wearing more makeup to school now because I'm much too tired in the morning so this is my regular look for when I'm half asleep and want to loo somewhat made up!
Jordana Pen Liner in Black
Wet n Wild Eyeliner in Taupe for the brows

Lastly, It's Tết tomorrow! People who celebrate it as Chinese New Year will refer to it as the Year of the Rabbit but since I'm Vietnamese we celebrate it as the Year of the Cat. This is me nitpicking though haha. Here's a picture of what I ate for our pre-Tết celebrations.
Have a good rest of the week!


  1. I took a language class too and couldn't stand the International Phonetics Alphabet. It was learning a whole new language. Pretty eye!! Should show your whole face too :)

  2. @Gillybeancandyjar Haha I got lazy about taking a full face picture. It's good to know that you agree with me about the IPA and have suffered through it too!

  3. Oh no I finally know what ASL is, Zeichensprache, sure. But you can understand and 'make' it??

  4. @Anna Yeah definitely! It is a rather easy language to learn because you associate certain hand shapes to objects or concepts and you can spell things out with your fingers

  5. You're so lucky to be able to wear liner like that. My eyes liner gets so smudgey if my eye waters just a little bit and I hate wearing waterproof liner. Anyways, Happy New Year, Mai! The food looks DELISH, indulge in it for me will you?..... :)


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