Beauty Blogger Challenge Week 4/5/6

Oops I've been slacking on the Beauty Blogger Challenge so here's a wrap-up of all the ones I've missed plus this week's.

Is there another beauty blogger who makes you want to improve as a blogger? How so?

Definitely Temptalia. She's an astoundingly hard working beauty blogger, managing to not only have good quality swatches and eloquent reviews but she juggles law school and business school! It makes me a bit jealous to see how productive she can be in comparison to how lazy I am.

What do you think you’ve improved since you started blogging? What do you think you’ve gotten stuck on? Have you given up on/abandoned anything?

My writing still needs some work. I feel like many of my sentences are still rather short or all over the place and I have some difficulty figuring out the balance between just enough information and too much information. Also my transitions need some work.

I feel like I've improved on my pictures, using a white or black background has helped with the overall look of the photos and I try to take as many sunlight.

I haven't been taking very many nail polish posts but I think it's just easier now to write about makeup.

What beauty-related skills/techniques would you like to learn or improve? Why?

I would like to better learn/improve on blending my eyeshadow between my browbone and my eyelid. I'm rather picky about how it should look and I always feel like the blending between the two is sub-par especially since I'm picky about how high the color should go.

My brows do need some work but they just need a good threading!

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