The Makeup Show LA 2018: Announcement, Exhibitors, and Show Features

Hey everyone!

First off, Happy Halloween! I hope you have a wonderful time if you're celebrating the holiday.

It's that time of the year again for The Makeup Show LA! This trade show open for professionals and aspiring artists working/studying in the beauty, hair, fashion, and photography industry. Credentials are required. The show is from November 10th - November 11th.

Advance ticket rates are one day tickets for $45.00 and two day tickets for $62.00. Ticket prices at the door are $55.00 for one day tickets and $72.00 for two day tickets.

Show Features


The entire list of keynotes, workshops, and seminars are available online but here are some highlights of ones that I find really interesting. The keynotes and seminars are included in your ticket while the All Day Hands on Workshops are extra and allow for a more intimate learning opportunity. I also love that there are workshops in Spanish to meet the needs of the industry.

All Day Workshops

Friday November 9 features three hands on workshops only, the show itself does not start until November 10th. November 10th and 11th mixes in workshops, keynotes, and seminars within the trade show.

The workshops require you to bring their own brush set and the cost is in addition to your ticket price.

Some workshops available are

  • The Perfect Bride: Friday November 09 from 10:00am - 6:00pm with Bethany Townes. $300.00. This workshop is for those interested in learning about and perfecting bridal makeup artistry. 
  • Elementos Esenciales del Maquillaje: Friday November 09 from 10:00AM - 6:00pm with Paloma Romo. $300.00. This workshop is an introduction to the professional makeup artistry. It focuses on all aspects of makeup application and be able to practice their techniques. This workshop will be conducted in Spanish. 
  • Red Carpet Beauty and Beyond: Saturday November 10 from 1:30pm - 4:30 pm from Yvonne MacInnis $140.00. This workshop is focused on special event makeup and the art of having makeup be long lasting while looking good on camera and in person. 
  • Beautiful Skin of Color: Sunday November 11 from 1:00pm - 4:00pm with Danessa Myricks. $140.00. This workshop provides education on the skills needed to work on different skintones and complexion, foundation matching, color matching, and overall how to meet the needs of clients of color.


There are many keynotes available during the show, here are a few that I thought looked particularly interesting

  • Beauty Mark: Making An Impact in Artistry: Saturday November 10 from 12:00pm - 1:30pm with Miss Fame. 
  • Image Influence: Saturday November 10 from 1:45pm - 3:15pm with Jordan Liberty
  • A Beauty Career: Sunday November 11 from 2:00pm - 3:30pm with Damone Roberts 


There are too many seminars to choose from, definitely check out the list online!


There are over 75 brands attending the show giving you the opportunity to try out many brands you might only be able to find online. Here are some picks: Ardell Lashes, Besame Cosmetics, Bioderma, Danessa Myricks Beauty, Hakuhodo, Hourglass, Miss Fame Beauty, and Smith Cosmetics

Icon Gallery

In honor of Maurice Stein, founder of Cinema Secrets and a formidable makeup artist in his own right, The Makeup Show LA will have a gallery of his work from different periods in his life.

Shopping Hour

On Sunday November 11 from 9:00am - 10:30am, The Makeup Show will be having a "First Look" viewing and doorbuster pricing from the exhibitors! Brands will be having a special deal so it's worth checking out each booth on Sunday!

Talent Casting

The Makeup Show will be hosting its first ever talent casting for The Look: All Stars. The Look: All Stars is a reality competition TV Show where makeup artists, fashion stylists, and hairstylists work together to create makeovers. The show premiered last year and they are looking for more talent for the next season! The casting is both on Saturday November 10th and Sunday November 11th from 11am to 4pm. If interested, attendees are required to bring their bio, headshots, and portfolio showcasing their work to the lounge area of the show.

I'll be attending the show on Saturday November 10th because the next day I'm getting married!!! I hope you have a great time if you're able to attend the show.

Eyeshadow Haul and A New Perspective on Eyeshadows Palettes

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Hey everyone!

I've bought a lot of single eyeshadows recently and wanted to share photos of my haul and some thoughts on eyeshadow palettes.

When it comes to eyeshadow palettes, I've been feeling both overwhelmed by the sheer quantity yet underwhelmed feeling like so many are repeats or follow the same "neutrals with a pop" theme. People's expectations about eyeshadow palettes and its usability seems to have changed over time. Nowadays it feels like people expect a palette to create a complete look but its inevitably a flawed thought when the idea of a "complete" look requires a brow bone highlight and midtone neutral brown for the crease and that usually means you'll have a lot of repetition across brands or colors that might not suit many skintones. 

Looking at recent palette launches 
made me realize that I was tempted by one or two eyeshadows but I can't rationalize buying the palettes for those few colors. These thoughts combined with looking at this wonderful curated palette of singles on MakeupAddiction reminded me that single eyeshadows do exist which inspired me to try to create an Everyday Singles Palette. This type of palette is something that can change depending on my tastes but can still be a core collection of products. I'm not new to single eyeshadows, especially single eyeshadows that come in pan form but they definitely fell by the wayside over time. 

Here are the single eyeshadows I purchased from Coloured Raine (today the 8th is the last day for their 30% off sale!) and Colourpop

Eyeshadows Haul and A New Perspective on Eyeshadows Palettes

I started off wanting to dupe EBB, the olive green from the Colourpop Good Sport palette and came across Coloured Raine's Side of Olives and ordered a few shades. I then ordered a few Colourpop shades from that palette I saw on MakeupAddiction and ended up with an empty refillable palette. In total, I got ten single eyeshadows from Colourpop and seven eyeshadows form Coloured Raine. Combined with my previous collection of eyeshadow singles, I'm able to create a collection that suits me and my makeup needs for now.

First Row: Colourpop Bel Air, Glass Bull, Labyrinth, Lay Low, Made to Last
Second Row: Colourpop Paper Tiger, Pretty Cruel, Snake Eyes, Team Captain, Wake Up Call
Third Row: Coloured Raine Downtown, Glamour, Gingerbread, Moments, Native, Side of Olives, Unbothered

Eyeshadows Haul and A New Perspective on Eyeshadows Palettes - Portrait of Mai

I'm still in the process of curating my Everyday Singles Palette but I'm happy with what I have added to my collection so far.

If you want to build your collection of single eyeshadows, here are some brands to look at: Coloured RaineColourpopInglotMAC, Makeup GeekNabla (haven't tried yet), Sugarpill, SydneyGraceCo (haven't tried yet)

If you need a resource for an empty palette: Book of Shadows (haven't tried yet), ColourpopMAC, Saucebox

By no means am I deluding myself into thinking I will never buy another eyeshadow palette again but I do feel like I'll be able to think more critically and figure out whether the palette contains colors I will actually wear vs. colors I want to have in my collection. 

Do you like to use single eyeshadows? Are there any palettes you find to be interesting so far?

Disclaimer: I purchased the eyeshadows and palette myself. All opinions are my own and I was not compensated by any of the brands mentioned. The post contains affiliate links which provide me with a commission based off your use of the link when making a purchase.

Colourpop Brow Boss Gel vs. Glossier Boy Brow: Comparison, Swatches, and Review

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Hey everyone!

Today I wanted to talk about Colourpop Brow Boss Gel. Colourpop has been expanding their brow range over the years, coming out with different brow pencils and brow pomades but they only had a clear brow gel for the longest time. Now they finally listened to consumers and released colored versions of their Brow Boss Gel. I love a good brow gel and given that they made one in the shade Soft Black, I was down to try it.

Given that the original Brow Boss Gel sounded like a dupe to Glossier's Boy Brow, I decided to compare it to the Boy Brow in Black and see how similar it really was.
Click through to see my review, see swatches, and a comparison of both!