Glossier Generation G: New vs. Old Formula Swatches, Review, and Comparison

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Hey everyone!

As the title suggests, I'm going to be talking about Glossier's latest revamp of their Glossier Generation G's, their sheer matte lipstick. This is the third formulation of the Generation G's and along with a tweak to one of the shades (Leo), there's been a long asked for update to the packaging and formula. I have the second formulation and packaging and got the new formula to compare.

Glossier Generation G New vs. Old Tubes

Glossier Generation G: New vs. Old Comparison

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Project Pan/Reverse Rouge Challenge 2019: Introduction and Staying Accountable

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Hey everyone!

I hope you had a great New Years! To start the year off right and to be more aware of my consumption, I'm setting a Project Pan/Reverse Rouge Challenge for myself. If you're not familiar, a Project Pan is a challenge to "pan" or finish up products (the term comes from using a product up until you see the silver pan at the bottom of the packaging). Reverse Rouge is a project that can coincide with a Project Pan where the goal is to use up $1000.00 worth of product (a play on Sephora's VIB Rouge status achieved once you BUY $1000.00 worth of product). Credit goes to Elle S for coming up with the Reverse Rouge concept.

I've started thinking about consumerism and sustainability in terms of my makeup collection and consumption so that inspired this challenge. The overabundance of plastics, single-use products in non-recyclable packaging, etc is something I'm hoping to reduce from now on.

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