Project Pan/Reverse Rouge Progress and Empties: January 2019

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Hey everyone!

Today I wanted to go over the progress I've made with my Project Pan/Reverse Rouge and show any empties I've used up in the month. A bunch of my fellow beauty bloggers/Youtubers are also doing Project Pans so I've linked to their posts also. Feel free to check them out! 

After my first post, I realized I forgot to show you how I plan on tracking my progress. I am borrowing a tip I saw from Kaily Baute to use a sharpie to mark on the sides of the bottle or packaging and it's an easy visual cue to mark progress.

I haven't made much progress on the four items I picked, so I decided not to take a new photo to mark. Here are my empties of the month though and how much they added towards my Reverse Rouge (goal of using up $1000.00 worth of beauty products.

Bath and Body Works Gentle Foaming Hand Soap: I got this on sale during a deal, I believe 5 for $23.00 so finishing one is worth about $4.60.
Glossier Boy Brow. Though there's still product in the tube, I'm considering it an empty because it's old and has gotten too goopy to use. $16.00
L'oreal Voluminous Lash Paradise Waterproof. This is past the three month mark and needs to be tossed. $6.69 since I bought it at Target
Clean and Clear Persa Gel $4.99 since I bought it at Target.

All told, I used up $32.28. Only $967.72 to meet my Reverse Rouge goal! It's not much in the grand scheme of things but I'm happy to see myself actually use up products.

Be sure to check out my fellow beauty bloggers/Youtubers' posts and videos on their empties/project pans!

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Are you participating in a Project Pan or Reverse Rouge? If so, how much progress have you made?


  1. Love that you all are doing empties. I enjoy seeing everyone's!

  2. That is actually not bad progress at all. Congrats on finishing 4 products. Can't wait for next months check in.

  3. Interesting that you are going by money. I haven't done empty posts before so it's inspiring me to use things up more and tossing what is too old.

  4. I'm excited to see how this Reverse Rouge process works for you. I'm loving reading all about everyone's use-ups and I think that I will definitely be much more inspired to use my stash more.

  5. Awesome. I used to use that Clean and Clear gel...totally forgotten about it since I found out what my skin problem is. I wonder if I'd still like it. I'm excited to this pan group and to see how we all do.

  6. Gosh, that Reverse Rouge is amazing. I should probably give that a try too, but I think I'm too lazy to look up the prices of all my empties. Good for you to do it! I'm not sure I understand the marking the bottles - is it just to spur you on to keep going toward empty?

  7. I’m not, but I should! It’s such a cool concept and I imagine it would be pretty satisfying to reach reverse Rouge!

  8. That's a great idea to mark usage in makeup tubes - I should do that! Well done on finishing up $32 already!

  9. I love the name of this project! I haven't even tried to estimate my dollar amount for my beauty stash!

  10. I totally admire your photography aesthetic, Mai!! I'm excited to see more of your empties as this challenge progresses.

  11. This is a really great idea and one that I should implement in my own life.

  12. I love this whole reverse rouge idea!

  13. I use those BBW soaps! I usually get them for $2 or less though! Love them.

  14. I am also doing a project pan this year too! It's helped me to be mindful when shopping and try avoid buying items that have identical functions. Good luck with your project and look forward to the update.

    Bella x

  15. Love it! reverse rouge is a great idea and a fun take on the classic project pan.

  16. I am terrible at using up makeup! It lasts forever for me.

  17. I always keep like pan projects come in spurts where you don't go through much one month and then it's BAM so much at once. You're definitely off to a good start!


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