Glossier Play Colorslide Technogel Eye Pencil: Swatches and Review

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If you're familiar with my blog, you'll know that I own and have reviewed a ton of Glossier products. Boy Brow is my staple brow gel and I've gone through more bottles of Milky Jelly Cleanser than I can even remember. Glossier is well known for their effortless no-makeup makeup vibe so it's not a huge surprise that they would create a side brand, Glossier Play, for their more adventurous makeup launches.

Glossier Play is described as a brand of "dialed up beauty extras". In hindsight, I should have realized they were planning to venture into brighter color cosmetics after they launched their Milky Oil makeup remover. After all, not much in the original Glossier line required heavy duty makeup removing but the Glossier Play line has more colorful products.

I have lots of thoughts on Glossier and Glossier Play as a concept but it would take up way too many words in this blog post so I'll keep my thoughts to myself for another time. Today I have a review on two Glossier Play Colorslide Technogel Eye Pencils. Let's get to it!

Glossier Colorslide Technogel Eye Pencil

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The two eyeliners I got are Hardcore Velvet and Stable Relationship. There are fourteen shades, some matte and some shimmery. I chose to get two of the matte formulas.

Glossier Colorslide Technogel Eye Pencil in Hardcore Velvet and Stable Relationship

Where to Purchase/Details: The eyeliners are $15.00 for 1.2 grams/0.042 oz. Currently you can only get them online at Glossier or in Glossier stores.

Packaging: The packaging has some really nice touches that show that the brand put thought into it but there is something that irks me. The boxes are all color coordinated to each shade but each product comes in a plastic/foil wrapper and then in the box. It makes the packaging larger than it needs to be. I believe the brand is listening to criticism and will be phasing out the foil wrappers. You can sharpen these eyeliners and they do sell a separate sharpener.

Glossier Colorslide Technogel Eye Pencil


Glossier says:
Colorslide is the eyeliner where what you see on the pencil is exactly what you get. Plus, a waterproof formula that dreams are made of: a highly pigmented, smooth gel eyeliner that doesn’t crease, smudge, tug, or skip and lasts for 12 hours (matte shades last in the waterline for 8 hours), leaving you to create freely. Draw something new with a pencil that lasts all day and all night.

To apply:
Draw a precise line to define the eye, or smudge and blend out for a diffused, smoky effect. These shades were designed to live together, so layer as many as you’d like. When needed, use Blade to sharpen up again.

Unfortunately Glossier makes a lot of claims that these eyeliners do not meet. What you see isn't what you get in terms of pigmentation, you do need to do a few swipes for full color. The formula is creamy but a little waxy so tugs a little while applying on my upper lash line.

I think it's confusing to say that the eyeliners don't smudge yet in the instructions, they say you can smudge and blend them out. I wouldn't recommend you smudge them because they end up looking patchy and uneven even if you work quickly. 

It's not totally crease-proof, these can crease on my eyes if I don't wear an eyeshadow primer. Without primer on my eyelids, the edges of the liner begin to "melt" so it looks like I have a tinted gloss on my eyelids. With primer, it can last about eight to ten hours though there is some breakdown at the corners of my eyes. Without primer on my lower lash line, these creased in an hour. With primer on my lower lash line, these creased in about four hours. My oily hooded double eyelids can be brutal on most eyeliners so it's not surprising that it didn't last, but the formula didn't live up to the rest of its claims.


The eyeliner was swatched on my arm and photographed in direct sunlight. The first swatch is one swipe while the second swatch is about three swipes to build the color.

Glossier Colorslide Technogel Eye Pencil Swatches

Hardcore Velvet is described as a "deep teal". Hardcore Velvet does look so saturated and inky once applied to full pigmentation. It's super beautiful.

Stable Relationship is described as a "moss green". The color reminds me a little of an avocado or sage green. It's definitely different from most green eyeliners that I've tried.


What makes these eyeliners stand out are the colors because it's not the formula for me. I had a difficult time finding color dupes at a similar price point. The fact that the range is predominantly online only and they don't really have swatches of the eyeliner online will make it difficult to find dupes. The eyeliner formula is not perfect but if you find a color that you like, you might be willing to overlook some of its faults. For me, it's a little too expensive to make me put effort into making it work. All in all, it's an underwhelming launch from Glossier Play.

Have you tried anything from Glossier Play? What interests you from the brand?


  1. These look amazing in photos and I love the shades, too bad that they need more than one swipe and have a bit of tug.

  2. I haven't tried Glossier, but I'm digging the shades you picked out! That green is so dreamy!

  3. These color are unique to me for eye liners, but I would probably pass because of their pricing. If it still smudges and takes multiple swipes to get that color then meh. lol. Thank you for the honest review!

  4. These don't look or sound impressive to me. So far I haven't had much luck with Glossier though so these wouldn't be in my shopping cart.

  5. They're really pushing the new play line-- I do like the colors but I feel like I can find cheaper ones similar!

  6. I'd totally try that teal shade, but that pay off doesnt sound the best for the price! Bummer!

  7. I haven't tried Glossier but I just saw a news article that they are worth nearly $1.2 BILLION dollars so I feel I want to at least peek at their products.

  8. I was curious about their latest makeup launches. I agree with you, the colors are truly stunning, especially the chatreuse. Too bad the formula isn't quite there. Maybe they will reformulate like they did with the skin tint?

  9. These colours are so pretty so it's disappointing to hear the formula is lacking. Hopefully they are able to step up with future products!

  10. I've never tried Glossier and from the sound of it I don't want this to be the first product I try. Maybe after I've tried another product I'll come back to these and see if there is a color that I like and would be willing to work with to try.

  11. I have a Glossier store and definitely keep meaning to go!

  12. These are both really pretty and the perfect shades for spring time!!! I love the green!!!

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