IMATS LA 2012 Day 1 Recap Part Two

(If you're here and haven't read the first half of my IMATS LA Day 1 Recap Part One, do check it out on A Brilliant Brunette. I posted the first half as a guest post on her blog! Go there to see pictures and read my thoughts on Senna Cosmetics, Inglot Cosmetics, OCC Makeup and a few other brands!)

For Part Two of my IMATS LA Day 1 recap, I mainly want to touch on all the amazing special effects makeup I saw at the show along with two booths I was really excited to see.

Sugarpill Cosmetics

How could I not visit Sugarpill? Their booth was so pretty and the portraits on the wall actually had A is for Arsenic Jewelry on it. This was the booth I was most anticipating and where I spent most of my money!


The advert for their new Cold Chemistry Palette. If you haven't seen it yet, check out my post with swatches of their new Sparkle Baby and Cold Chemistry palettes and their new loose eyeshadows and this post of their Limited Edition @#$%! shade.


Amy and I! She's so adorable in person and her outfit was so cute, I think it was a vintage figure skating costume. I got to meet her once before at The Makeup Show LA and it was even better to meet her at IMATS. It's so easy to want to fangirl over her but she's so down to earth that you almost can't because she's so chill.



Oh Hakuhodo. This brand produces some of the most amazing, softest, most drool worthy brushes. This is a Japanese brush manufacturer and are luxury brush producers. They make some amazing Yachiyo brushes that I'll have to wait until I'm super rich to purchase.


I can't remember whose suggestion it was to explore the Special Effects Make-Up Museum but it was such amazing inside the hall. I was so surprised at how lifelike some of the exhibits were. I will admit, I had to do a double check to see if they were real or not. The monster's eyes were glassy and very realistic.


Predator and Mr Tumnus.


Men in Black III aliens





I actually went to the show with Anna and we later met up with Mandy, Heather, Dawn, Cora, Angie, and Bethany. Here's a picture of us eating lunch, trying to relax a little before going back to IMATS!


After finishing up lunch, we kept on exploring and I came across so many painted bodies and special effects makeup!

Special effects at Vancouver Film School's booth





A closeup picture of the makeup


Stay tuned for my Day 2 Recap where I show off more Special Effects and Body Makeup along with pictures from the NYX Face Awards!

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Sugarpill Limited Edition @#$%! Eyeshadow Swatch, Review, and Comparison

@#$%! is a Limited Edition color that was available at IMATS LA. It is Limited Edition but I can't say for sure whether it will be available elsewhere. I originally thought it was just like Love+ with silver glitter, but further swatches show that it is actually different from Love+. I love anything Sugarpill so I had to get my hands on it. By the way, @#$%! is NOT vegan as it contains carmine.

@#$%! is a cool toned berry red with lots of silver glitter.

Sugarpill @#$%!

This swatch was done dry over Too Faced Shadow Insurance and taken in natural daylight.

Sugarpill @#$%! Swatch

It shouldn't be any surprise that I'm kind of obsessed with Sugarpill and it certainly shined through when I was doing a little investigating. When I got @#$%! home, I realized that I might have seen the color before. I will direct you to this video by Enkore of his IMATS 2010 Haul where he showed off a berry red Sugarpill eyeshadow. I thought it looked really similar to @#$%! so I tweeted Sugarpill about whether it was the same color. Turns out I was right, the color in the video IS @#$%! and it was originally going to be in a palette but then they changed their mind.

Like I said, I originally thought it was going to be like Love+ with silver glitter but it's not and here's a comparison of Love+ and @#$%! so you can see the difference.

Love+ on the left, @#$%! on the right.

Sugarpill Love+ vs @#$%! Eyeshadow

Close, but no cigar. Love+ is more of a primary red, there's a slight sheen to it, and there's no glitter.

I am unsure about the official availability so I don't want to make any promises about anything, be wrong, and have Sugarpill take the brunt of peoples' reactions to it. I do like it for sure because I think the cool toned berry red is pretty. Do I think you missed out on much? Eh, not really. (Am I saying this because you might not be able to get your hands on it? Possibly.) I wasn't able to find anything else in my collection that looked similar but I will keep searching for a dupe! I may or may not have picked up an extra one for something special coming up soon ;)

Do you like @#$%! ? (How does one pronounce that anyway?)

Disclaimer: I purchased this with my own money at IMATS LA.

IMATS LA 2012 Haul

I went to IMATS with a pretty specific list of what to get and I stayed well within my intended budget for the show (though I brought along extra money just in case I wanted to try new things!). All in all, I mainly shopped at Sugarpill, Make Up For Ever, and Miss Adoro. I also got a few samples from several booths so I'll show you those too.

I've got a huge backlog of things I'll need to swatch along with my recap posts to do so I'll try my best to have them up soon.

Here's everything I bought!


I've been waiting ages to get the Heart Breaker palette. It came out last month but since I knew I was going to IMATS, I mustered up the patience to wait so I could get the 30% discount. I haven't touched it yet because it looks so nice and pristine. Do you guys notice the new packaging around the mirror? It's so pretty!



I wanted to get the Saint Eyelashes but they didn't have anymore in stock :( I settled for the Sinnocent lashes, which just looked like a less full version of Saint.


I couldn't go to the show and not get this once I heard about it. This is the Limited Edition @#$%! Eyeshadow. I'm not sure if it's only available at IMATS or not but I do hope that some of you guys will be able to get it! If you haven't yet, do check out my last post where I swatched the new Palettes and Loose Eyeshadows that'll be coming out soon!


I keep looking for new things to use on my brows so I decided to get the Make Up For Ever Eyebrow Corrector. I'm still trying it out but so far I like it.


Lastly, I bought up two pairs of Miss Adoro lashes. I had been looking forward to getting the #423 pair when I saw them online and picked up the wispies pair too.


That was all the stuff I bought and now here's all the sample goodies I picked from some of the awesome vendors/booths at the show. I got that shirt from the Beautylish Cupcake Afterparty after the first day of IMATS.


I was especially excited to get a variety of samples from Youngblood. I've heard such great things about their Foundation from DustyoHunter and wanted to see more about the rest of the brand.


I played a game at the Coastal Scents booth and won this four piece brush set (this was the most common prize). I tried to match up the brushes I got with the ones on the website and I'm pretty sure these are the Detail Round, Large Concealer, Small Concealer, and Angle Shadow Brushes


Sigma Makeup were giving away a freebie goody bag so this is my first ever Sigma brush. This is a mini E05 eyeliner brush but I do think it's a little too big for my eyes.


I got this sample of Airbrush primer and bag from Bellaccio though I don't have an airbrush machine. I did have the airbrush primer and makeup applied on me at the show but it didn't last as long on me as I had wanted it to.


Near the end of the show, I went to the Model in a Bottle booth with a few of my fellow IMATS-ers and scoped out some of their goodies. The owner was so nice and gave us all an eyelash curler. I tried it on me but I do think it's a little difficult to use because I don't have as much visibility compared to normal curlers.


and lastly, we meandered over to the Vanitymark booth. It wasn't a planned visit but we wanted to zigzag and check out as many booths as we can. It turns out that the owner of Vanitymark is Brett Freedman, the same guy who's been doing the Dr. Kiss Mini-Sodes on Temptalia. There were brow powders and pencils there (including one named Gingerella for redheads!) and Brett was so nice and gave us the Dr. Kiss balm.


All in all, I only spent about $60.00 on products for myself.

Next year's IMATS LA 2013 is actually going to be in about six months in January 2013! I know, it seems so weird that it's going to happen again in six months but I heard that it might be because of the weather troubles that the London show was having the last time around. I have a few things to say about the organization of the show but I'll save that for my recap post.

What would you like me to swatch first? Have you guys gone to an IMATS before? If so, which show?

New Sugarpill Eyeshadow Palettes and Chromalusts Swatches, Comparisons, and Pictures

I promise I will have my IMATS LA Recap/Haul posts up soon, but first I wanted to show you guys the amazing NEW Sugarpill Chromalusts and Palettes that will be coming out soon. I can't give you a definite date on when the palettes and Chromalusts will be out (I don't want to get it wrong and have people disappointed and mad at Sugarpill for it) but they are definitely coming out!

EDIT: Updated with names 1/18/13. 

Sorry about the watermarks but I am a little paranoid about people reposting it without giving credit!

Sugarpill New Cold Chemistry and Sparkle Baby Palettes plus new Chromalusts

The new stuff, both the Cold Chemistry and Sparkle Baby Pressed Palettes and the loose eyeshadows! I did swatches and also tried to compare them next to current Sugarpill eyeshadows.

(The picture is mislabeled, the color labeled as Frostine is actually Candycrush and the color labeled as Candycrush should be Frostine!

Sugarpill Cosmetics Cold Chemistry and Sparkle Baby Eyeshadow Palette

Loose eyeshadows first. I didn't think to check the bottom of the jars for names so I'm sorry that I don't have any!

Under fluorescent lighting. From left to right: Supercharged, Sparkage, Acidberry (not close, I thought it would be!), Hellatronic, Royal Sugar, Hi-Viz, and Love Buzz. This is most true to color.

Sugarpill new neon Chromalusts

The Supercharged almost has a hint of a pastel to it, Sparkage is like a yellow-y bright green, Hellatronic is indigo with a blue and pink sparkle, Love Buzz is just AMAZING and there's a neon yellow with Hi-Viz!

I hope you can see the difference between the new color and Royal Sugar. Royal Sugar is much more blue wheres the new color is much more purple/indigo color and if you look at the first picture with the display, you can see the difference. Do you see how amazing the hot pink is?!

This was taken under flash lighting.

Sugarpill New Neon Chromalusts

The Supercharged and Sparkage look more accurate in the nonflash photo. This picture makes Supercharged look more creamsicle, Sparkage looks a little too lime, and though Hellatronic isn't true to color, it does show that Royal Sugar and the new color AREN'T the same.

Next the Cold Chemistry palette.

Under fluorescent lighting. From left to right: Soot & Stars, Subterranean, Junebug, Diamond Eyes, Elemental Chaos, Weekender. Elemental Chaos is NOT vegan.

Sugarpill Cold Chemistry Palette

The black is shimmery and sparkly, the color next to it is like a blackened green with a teal sheen, the white is more pearly versus shimmery, and the royal purple is shimmery.

Taken with the flash

Sugarpill Cold Chemistry Palette

It got a little cut off, but here's a comparison between the new black with Stella. Stella is the top smaller swatch and the bottom larger swatch is the new color. The difference is that Stella has a rainbow sparkle to it and the new color doesn't have variety of colored sparkle.


This was taken with flash


Next up is the Sparkle Baby palette! From left to right: Dollipop, Hotsy Totsy, Candy Crush, Frostine, Paperdoll, and Kitten Parade. Hotsy Totsy is NOT vegan.

Sugarpill Sparkle Baby Palette

Though Dollipop and Hotsy Totsy look similar, Dollipop is SO much brighter, neon, and matte whereas the new color is a pink with a bit of sparkle. If you look at the first picture where I show the entire display, you can really see the color difference. The next color is an icy blue, then a semimatte lilac with a sheen, and the last color is a peachy shade with golden duochrome.

This was taken under with the flash

Sugarpill Sparkle Baby Palette

Do these look familiar?

Maybe this'll refresh your memory.

New Sugarpill colors

This picture is from this post about The Beauty Social event where I did swatches of a few of the upcoming colors and yep, those colors in the Sparkle Baby palette! The lilac from The Beauty Social event was reformulated so there's no pink duochrome the way it used to be and it's now a semi matte lilac with a slight sheen. That peachy shade is probably the most neutral color Sugarpill has ever made!

I really hope you've found this post useful. The palettes will be coming out soon but I'm not sure on the ETA for the loose eyeshadows though. Recap posts on IMATS LA and my small haul from the show coming up though which would you like to see first?

IMATS LA 2012 this weekend!

This Saturday and Sunday, I'll be going to my first IMATS show! This is the second makeup trade show I've ever been to (the first being The Makeup Show LA) and I'm so excited to go! I'm excited to check out some of the brands there (especially Sugarpill and Make Up For Ever).

On Saturday, I'm driving up with Anna of Fenua Beaute (we're actually having a beach day tomorrow!) and then Sunday I'm going my lonesome self. I'm especially anticipating meeting up with other bloggers like Sparklecrack Central, Make Up by Siryn, and Prettymaking! I however am not looking forward to the drive on Saturday (Gotta wake up early and leave early to beat traffic and ensure a good spot in line)

Are there any brands you guys would like me to check out? Will any of you guys be going?

Fyrinnae Polar Bear and Purgatory Eyeshadow Swatches, Review, and Pictures

It's taken me way too long to post about the two eyeshadows I got in my most recent Fyrinnae order, especially considering how pretty the colors are. I went back and forth on which colors to get but settled on Polar Bear (I've been looking for a white gold similar to Ben Nye's Iced Gold) and Purgatory (I blame Mandy and her swatch post for this).

Polar Bear and Purgatory were swatched dry over Too Faced Shadow Insurance and taken in natural daylight.

Fyrinnae Polar Bear and Purgatory Eyeshadow
Fyrinnae Polar Bear and Purgatory Eyeshadow Swatch

Polar Bear: "White gold, shimmery and soft (brilliant gold when the light hits it but not yellow)" There's just something about this eyeshadow that makes me really happy. I like using it as an inner corner highlight (I think white looks too stark for my skintone) and as a color on the middle of my eyelid to add dimension to warm toned looks. I think this eyeshadow shows that while Fyrinnae are bomb ass at making extremely unique eyeshadows, they do the basic shades really well.

Purgatory: "Almost metallic red shines over a black base" First off, I love the name. Secondly, since it's a black based shade, it fares best when patted on versus being sweeped on to get the red shimmery to show and if used with a glitter fixative like Pixie Epoxy. This is a really dense eyeshadow, a little bit goes a LONG way on your eyes.

These are two very awesome shades and I also can't wait to try out some of the new eyeshadows they just released.

Do you have any Fyrinnae eyeshadows? What are your favorites?

Over the Burning Desert EOTD

I'm sure I've done many versions of this look on my blog before but I think it's such an easy color combination to do because the necessary colors are already in the Sugarpill Burning Heart palette. I was especially inspired to do this look after seeing this done by Yumemi on Makeupbee. Mine is the opposite of it using warm toned colors and Goldilux wet on the eye for the liner.

Here's the look with just black eyeliner. I just love how Flamepoint and Love+ look, it's so especially smooth looking and blend excellently.



and here's how it looks with the gold added in. It's definitely not as neat and clean looking at Yumemi's but it's not half bad. Next time, I'll do the gold liner first and then add the black liner to create a better shape.


Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Inglot 373 as a base on the inner corner
Sugarpill Buttercupcake on the inner corner
Sugarpill Flamepoint on the middle of the lid
Sugarpill Love+ in the outer corner
e.l.f. Cream Eyeliner with Inglot Duraline for the liner
Sugarpill Goldilux with Inglot Duraline to create the gold line
Inglot Brow Powder in 567
Maybelline The Colossal Volum' Express in Glam Brown