IMATS LA 2012 Day 1 Recap Part Two

(If you're here and haven't read the first half of my IMATS LA Day 1 Recap Part One, do check it out on A Brilliant Brunette. I posted the first half as a guest post on her blog! Go there to see pictures and read my thoughts on Senna Cosmetics, Inglot Cosmetics, OCC Makeup and a few other brands!)

For Part Two of my IMATS LA Day 1 recap, I mainly want to touch on all the amazing special effects makeup I saw at the show along with two booths I was really excited to see.

Sugarpill Cosmetics

How could I not visit Sugarpill? Their booth was so pretty and the portraits on the wall actually had A is for Arsenic Jewelry on it. This was the booth I was most anticipating and where I spent most of my money!


The advert for their new Cold Chemistry Palette. If you haven't seen it yet, check out my post with swatches of their new Sparkle Baby and Cold Chemistry palettes and their new loose eyeshadows and this post of their Limited Edition @#$%! shade.


Amy and I! She's so adorable in person and her outfit was so cute, I think it was a vintage figure skating costume. I got to meet her once before at The Makeup Show LA and it was even better to meet her at IMATS. It's so easy to want to fangirl over her but she's so down to earth that you almost can't because she's so chill.



Oh Hakuhodo. This brand produces some of the most amazing, softest, most drool worthy brushes. This is a Japanese brush manufacturer and are luxury brush producers. They make some amazing Yachiyo brushes that I'll have to wait until I'm super rich to purchase.


I can't remember whose suggestion it was to explore the Special Effects Make-Up Museum but it was such amazing inside the hall. I was so surprised at how lifelike some of the exhibits were. I will admit, I had to do a double check to see if they were real or not. The monster's eyes were glassy and very realistic.


Predator and Mr Tumnus.


Men in Black III aliens





I actually went to the show with Anna and we later met up with Mandy, Heather, Dawn, Cora, Angie, and Bethany. Here's a picture of us eating lunch, trying to relax a little before going back to IMATS!


After finishing up lunch, we kept on exploring and I came across so many painted bodies and special effects makeup!

Special effects at Vancouver Film School's booth





A closeup picture of the makeup


Stay tuned for my Day 2 Recap where I show off more Special Effects and Body Makeup along with pictures from the NYX Face Awards!

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  1. Looks like a great time! What fun getting to meet up with other bloggers! So interesting to see all the special effects makeup!

  2. wow!!! this is incredible!!! i cant wait to go to the one in NYC next year!!

  3. WOW, I can only wish and dream of going to IMATS LA. I might go to the London one (the closest to me) but I don't think it has as many brands (particularly sugarpill!). One day though ... Hope you had a fabulous time :D

  4. It really looks like such an amazing time!


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