Too Faced Glamour Gloss Lip Gloss in Flirt: Swatch and Review

I've started noticing that my preferences with makeup is slowly but surely shifting from eyeshadow to lipsticks and lip glosses. It's kind of perfect because my eyes have starting acting up from summer allergies so I am wanting to give them a bit of a rest. That being said, I realized that I have yet to do a proper review on one of my favorite "My Lips But Better" lip glosses from Too Faced.

This is Too Faced's Glamour Gloss Volumizing Lip Gloss in Flirt. This line of lip glosses has their "Lip Injection Comfort Plump to provide the plumping results of Lip Injection with a sensual cooling sensation". I'm not one for lip plumping glosses but I don't mind it because I like the color so much. You do feel a slight tingly cooling sensation but it's not burning or painful in any way. My lips do look a little plumper though I can't be too sure if it's from the glossy shine or the actual formula.

Ignore the online swatch on the webpage, it makes it look like a sparkly lilac which it isn't at all. The gloss is a shade more pink than it appears in the picture below.


I've yet to actually purchase the gloss because I keep getting samples of it. I've only ordered from the Too Faced website once but they're extremely generous since the "sample" of the Glamour Gloss is .10 oz whereas their full size is .12 oz for $19.00.

It does feel a little sticky but that aids in longeivity (I've gotten about three to four hours of wear). I'm especially happy that it comes with a doe foot applicator since I do prefer those over brush applicators.

Swatch ahead! As always, done in natural daylight to get the most accurate picture.

Bare Lips


Applied on. It is ever so slightly milky but not enough that it horribly sinks into lip lines.


Like I said, I do love it as a "My Lips But Better" color but my favorite use for it is to tone down light lipsticks. I really like Revlon's Colorburst Lipstick in Soft Nude but it can look rather light on me. Topping it with Flirt warms it up and makes it a little more wearable on me.

From my Saturday Night Dinner Makeup FOTN:

Saturday Night Makeup

I'll be honest and say that I didn't hold much of an interest in Too Faced before but with Urban Decay's betrayal of its ethics and ethos, Too Faced is on my radar for staying cruelty free (and local because they're a SoCal company!). I have been using their Shadow Insurance and do understand the hype behind it! It's definitely replacing Urban Decay's Primer Potion in my eyes.

Do you own any Too Faced lip glosses or products in general?

Disclaimer: I received this as a free sample in one of my orders from


  1. I've made the shift from e/s to lip products not too long ago as well. I tend to shift from e/s, to lips, to blush, to face, then the cycle goes again but in a different order. I think I have a problem...anyways..this looks amazing! so natural and pretty!

  2. I'm fairly certain I need this gloss... I have yet to find a gloss that I reach for all the time, and this looks like it could be the one. "My lips but better" glosses are my fave :)


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