Fantasy Makers Magic Gloss swatch

I saw this in Ulta for 1.99 and couldn't resist getting it, so I just wanted to post a swatch on my lips in case other people are interested in getting it! It's definitely not as bright as on the cardboard packaging. It contains .27 oz

The color effect is rather nice in person, it turns a pretty sheer berry color :) Definitely good for someone who doesn't want something way too dramatic!

40% off of NYX means I buy some

*I should be studying for my Anatomy and Physiology of Speech, Language and Hearing class but I need a break. Do you know how many muscles and bones go into just breathing? So many :( *

I read somewhere that a discount isn't truly worth it until it's at least 30% off so when I heard that NYX was 40% off at Ulta, I jumped on it and bought lots of stuff. Definitely go and check it out!

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil is Pure Gold, Purple Velvet and French Fries
NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder in Brunette (I'll say this now, for 2.99 I love the packaging! It feels mega luxurious and not cheap at all)
NYX Eyeshadow Base in White (because they were out of the Eye Pencil in Milk)
NYX 10 color Eyeshadow Palette in Champagne and Caviar

All this for 23 bucks!

Fantasy Makers Magic Gloss

I'm so so excited for everything. The Fantasy Gloss was kind of an impulse buy because it reminds me of the Smashbox O-Glow lipgloss but for 1.99.

I'll post reviews on everything soon!

Discrepancy between NYX products?

*I just hit 50 followers and I just want to say thank you for each and every one of you along with everyone else who reads :)!*

I was looking at the back of two of my NYX eyeshadows and realized that there was a difference in the product size, 2.0 grams of product versus 2.7 grams as shown on the other one.

Curious, I looked at two more eyeshadows and they both listed 2.7 grams but the stickers on the back were all different from each other! The same thing happened when I compared two of the NYX blushes; their sticker backs were completely different but both listed 4.0 grams.

I went to the NYX website to find the official weight and it was 2.7 grams for the eyeshadow and 6.4 grams for the blush! What the what? I've been jipped by getting a 4.0 gram blush?

Here are the pictures to show you what I mean. I purchased this all from the same place, a Pro Beauty Supply store. This just makes me wonder about the quality control of NYX or whether they've just been continually updating their packaging/product.

Definitely click on the pictures so see better detail! Note that Golden is 2.0 grams.

Very similar looking but all different.
Insanely annoyed about the difference from listing on the NYX site.
I'm miffed about my Golden eyeshadow and my blushes so at the end of this I'm going to be emailing NYX about this. Did I just get really old stock? Have you guys experienced the same?

Zoya Charla NOTD

Giveaway reminder! My CoverFX EyePrepFX Giveaway ends in 5 days! International readers are welcome!

Just a warning, don't wear this polish if you're planning on hand feeding your tortoise, she will inevitably ignore the food you're providing and will concentrate on biting your fingers >>

The devious Tortoise in question. I'm trying to fatten her up before she hibernates for the winter which is why she has grass around her face!

I don't like Zoya's brush, it is rather small in my opinion and too thin for me even though I have small fingers/nail beds. If I had it my way, I'd combine OPI's Pro Wide Brush, China Glaze's polish, and Orly's awesome rubberized handle. I'm not too impressed with Zoya's attributes thus far. This is Charla in the shade outside

This is how it looks indoors

So so pretty, where was I when this polish came out? I wish I had been wearing this during the summer! This was 3 coats over Barielle Hydrating Ridge Filler and under Seche Vite.

NYX Mini Haul+Nail stuff

A beauty supply store nearby was having an anniversary 20% off sale so I decided to stop on by and get some NYX stuff I had been eying.

NYX Eye Pencil in Teal
NYX Auto Eyebrow in Medium Brown
NYX Eyeshadow in Black
Supernail Silky Linen
Hedgehog Nail Brush (this was 99 cents and absolutely adorable, I could not resist)

Here are some swatches. The black eyeshadow is applied with a brush on the left, finger swiped on the right.
I like the texture of the eyebrow pencil but it shows up way too red on my eyebrows, so if you have dark brown hair like I do, I wouldn't get it. Also, the Black eyeshadow has an interesting feel to it. In the pot, it's quite...creamy feeling? Not powdery which is different but you must not overblend. It tends to turn grey if you overblend.

I like the teal eyeliner pencil, it is really similar to the color of this Kryolan matte eyeshadow that I have and so it makes for a great base underneath!

I got the silk linen to do silk wraps with and while they do have the adhesive ones, they looked really thick so I decided to get these ones.

It was a sad day for me because one of my favorite families from the temporary shelter I volunteer at moved out, but rather quickly so I didn't get to say goodbye. I mean it is honestly great that they're been able to move on but it was sudden :(

Grape Pop +Konad!

This was my favorite plate to use with customers because I'd always do it on the ring finger and it would look so nice with jewelry :)

This was two coats of China Glaze Grape Pop, topped with Seche Vite and the Jewelry pattern from M77

Meow Cosmetics Foundation

My skin is fairly pore obvious when it comes to my cheeks and I've having a lot of trouble lately when wearing foundation because liquid and creams would always just sink into my pores and look awful.

I recently ordered some Meow Cosmetics foundation and overall I have lots of positives and a negatives about it.

Pros: They offer 3 different coverage levels, and many many different kinds of shade levels and undertones. I love how it looks on my skin

Con: I am kind of eh about what they consider their heaviest coverage. I ordered 10 samples, all in the heaviest coverage, Flawless Feline.

The samples come in baggies like this, for one dollar containing 1/4 tsp of foundation.

From the site- "Flawless Feline provides complete coverage with no stiff, chalky feeling". The no stiff, chalky feeling stands fairly true but what, complete coverage?

I do really like the foundation. but not necessarily the claim that I can get complete coverage when I have to layer it on, especially with the other two formulas being called layerable versus this just being called "heavy coverage" By the way, I apply with a buffer type brush which was recommended to me on the site for getting heavier coverage.

I found my match and while it isn't quite my perfect heavenly Foundation, I honestly like it enough to keep using it and once my sample runs out, I'll definitely repurchase.

(Frisky, Naughty and Fierce describe how dark it is) Check on the Meow Cosmetics website and Temptalia's Foundation Matrix (a godsend with foundation matching) to find your match!

Top Row, Left to Right:Naughty Angora, Manx, Ocicat, Korat. (Angora and Manx run light)
Bottom Row, Left to Right: not available, Fierce Manx, Abyssinian, Korat

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

So my Back to School Giveaway ended yesterday and...

Chao from Extravagant Ambition won! Out of 16 entries she was lucky number 16, haha. I'm emailing you now!

As a reminder, my other giveaway for the Cover FX Eyeprep FX is still going on :D! Link to it is here and you've got till the 30th to enter!

MAC 239 dupe+mini version

This isn't all that new, I actually heard about this from Temptalia years ago (this post actually) and have not been able to find them in stores! I got these from but you can get it off of

I ordered it on the 2nd, it shipped the next day and came the 7th.

I do not own the MAC 239 but I have seen other photos and reviews about it and it looks to be extremely similar. It is goat's hair and soft, not scratchy in the leastest.

I will say though, there is a slight difference even between the same brush. I ordered two of the 3/8" one and 2 of the 1/4" ones. The two pictured are the 3/8" ones; the ones on the right is a little more rounded at the top whereas the one on the left doesn't have as much of a rounded edge.

It's nitpicky but the more rounded one looks more like MAC's 239 so if you wanted to really get it, I'd advise getting it in person to pick out the one you want.
Here's the comparison between the 1/4" and the 3/8". I love the 1/4" one because it perfectly fits my lid due to the way my eye is shaped. I think since it fits my eye more, I like the 1/4" more but they're both good!
Maybe I need several more of these brushes. Since they're white they might get stained from your eyeshadows so if you use really bright green and red ones, you should clean them after you use them.

Pay It Forward giveaway (worth $43) CLOSED

If you guys have been following Cover FX and their facebook, then you'll know what this box is.

If you didn't know, this contains the EyePrep FX Anti-age Smoothing Primer. The boxes were given away as part of a Worldwide Treasure hunt in the UK, Canada and the US prior to the Cover FX launch in the Fall.

I was one of the lucky ones and was able to get one of the boxes containing this! It was all very exciting, and someone actually came right after I got it asking about it. After much forethought, I've come to realize that honestly, I don't need it.

So I'm going to pay it forward and give the EyePrep FX Anti-Age Smoothing Primer away!

International readers are welcome! I don't mind paying for shipping because I know a lot of you guys in foreign countries get the bad end of the monetary stick in terms of the currency exchange and whether countries will ship to you (Ireland is apparently bad for this?)

To win:

1. Comment here with your email and country (just so I can get a better understanding of who and where I'd be shipping to) for ONE entry

2. For another entry, blog/sidebar about this and link back to this in another comment. This is for another entry.

3. No need to be a follower, I don't mind about that! If you want, you can add me to your blogroll but that's not necessary!

This will end on September 30th! If it's still September 30th wherever you are, you're golden!

Good luck with this!

Disclaimer: I got this product for free as part of the Cover FX Treasure Hunt giveaway! They didn't pay me for this and I'm definitely paying for shipping out of pocket!

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New Sugarpill=my life is complete

I'm extremely glad I live in California because that's the only reason I got my Sugarpill today.

The swatches speak for themselves. The eyeshadows were applied wet and then topped with a dry layer of shadow.

Royal Sugar. Gah gorgeous.

Darling is similar to Royal Sugar in terms of texture, that sort of matte shot through with gorgeous turquoise shimmer. My picture unfortunately sucks, the picture on Sugarpill is more accurate in terms of shimmer.

It's exactly what I wanted MAC's Partylicious pigment to be like. A little more green toned in real life. The shimmer is a bit more hidden because of the pigment color but it still looks fantastic. I did experience some staining but it was quite minor.
I'm not normally one to go out and spring for a new eyeshadow (Darling) without hearing reviews but I couldn't resist and I'm glad for it. You need it. I promise you.

Here's a picture of the underside, Royal Sugar is older and has the ingredients listed, but Darling is new and does not. The ingredients are listed online though!

Someone needs to take my bank card away :(

Don't forget to enter my giveaway of Konad plates! You can enter here!

Unless you count what I've purchased as an investment, in which case I'm being extremely savvy.

From AE- Thank heavens for coupon codes and free shipping because otherwise I would not have gotten anything.

So I got this pair of jeggings and skinny jeans. I cringe at the word jeggings but oh man it's extremely comfortable and it isn't too heavy like normal jeans.

From Sugarpill- Spontaneous release of new colors leads to spontaneous purchases by moi. There wasn't any specific notice of new colors by Shrinkle and so it really pushed me over into purchasing

Royal Sugar
and Darling eyeshadow. Ahhh this looks so amazing and it was indeed such a huge impulse buy. Just to note, if you're only interested in getting one eyeshadow from Sugarpill, you can save a dollar by getting it off of Shrinkle's Ebay :)

I also decided to make an investment in some goat hair brushes, specifically Loew Cornell Maxine's Mop brushes because I have heard rumors of them being a dupe of Mac's 239 and 228. Super excited!

Of course I spent money on school books but that's no fun :( I think 104 on one book and 88 on another. Thank heavens for Amazon Student because that means free 2 day shipping, cha ching ching!

I'm extremely excited for Tuesday, I have an orientation appointment/signup at 4:30pm at a temporary shelter that I want to volunteer at! It is a requirement of my Community Psychology class (either 20 hours or a 15-20 page paper) so I picked the volunteering hours. As it is, I am excited about it because I'd probably be working in the children's program, helping the entertain the kids while their parents are taking classes to help improve their skills so they're ready to take the steps to become not homeless.

I think a lot of people are under the impression that those who are homeless are unscrupulous people or those who are just really lazy and drug-addled. It's kind of astounding how many families are homeless and a lot of the time it's not their fault. My sister volunteers at another non-profit organization and tells me that a lot of the people she helps are lawyers, teachers, and just people you wouldn't normally associate with being homeless.

Thus ends my social issues lesson of the day

An ode to Foundation and Concealer

I'm done with you, honestly I've invested too much money into trying to make my face look even semi-smooth and normal looking.

So I'm done, I'm saying adios. Yeah my face is lighter than the rest of my body, it has pock marks and red scars from my acne but I will hold my head up high knowing that I've overcome my acne to the extent that you see my skin now. It's in no way smooth or silky or even toned but it's my skin and they're my battle scars post the pubescent stage in my life.

I'm keeping you Clinique Instant Perfector in Invisible Deep, mainly because I like how you make my skin feel but otherwise, I'm not hiding behind my foundation and concealer anymore.

This is in no way putting down those who do wear foundation or anything like that! I'm just expressing my frustrated thoughts with my journey towards finding something that makes me look even without sinking into my pores.

This is my naked face and I'm proud of it considering the state it used to be in 5 years ago.

In other news, I'm adding Hard Candy's Skin Envy Primer to my giveaway as a prize :P

Back to School Giveaway CLOSED

So I know I got a lot of page views from Syl and Sam's blogpost with regards to a package I sent them (you can read here) and so I thought it'd only be fair for me to give away some Konad to you guys!

That and school is starting so I figure a lot of us need a pick me up for the upcoming school year/semester.

Here's what you'll win-

Plus a full size White and Black Stamping polish!

Images taken from Konad USA
Disclaimer: I purchased everything myself :)

So Rules-

you DO NOT have to be a follower in order to participate. I'm pretty weird about making it follower required, mostly because I want you guys to follow my blog only if you like it/like reading it.

Unfortunately due to specific consumer mailing laws, I can't ship this Airmail and so it'll be US/UPS ground only. I know there are some international readers so I'll see about setting up another Konad giveaway just for you guys :)

-Leave a comment telling me what your favorite Konad plate out of all 91ish or so of them for one entry.

-If you post about it (can be sideroll or an actual post, doesn't matter to me) then that's another entry, just make a separate comment if you do that with a link to your post! Leave your email so I know how to contact you!

This'll end September 17 11:59PM PST!

Golds and Purples!

I was heavily inspired by XSparkage's IFocus Brown Eyes tutorial for this. Hers is a bit more brown-y whereas mine is a bit more bronze plus my purple is a bit lighter but that's all interpretation!

I love Blonde's Gold (the color I used on my lid) and I now just realized it's Pro meaning I'm stocking up!
MAC Blonde's Gold on the lid
MAC Bronze in the crease
MAC Violet on the lashline over NYX White (it is pictured lighter than it really is)
MAC Provence as a highlight
Maybelline Full n Soft WP

I'm super happy about all of my classes! One of my classes, Community Psychology, has a requirement of either 20 hours of community service or a 15-20 page paper.

I already picked from the list of volunteer organizations and am so very excited to start on that! I really hope I am accepted there because it just sounds so ridiculously fulfilling. I'll keep you guys updated on that :D

For Audrey Konad with M60

This is probably my most favorite polish to do a Konad over, For Audrey just looks so delicate and nice with white over it.

This is two coats of For Audrey, topped with Seche Vite and then stamped with M60 with White Stamping Polish and topped with another Seche Vite.

Someone complemented me on my nails today at school, it was awesome :D. I have learned that it is difficult explaining the concept of Konad as it is, screenprinting for nails is way better as an explanation!