Golds and Purples!

I was heavily inspired by XSparkage's IFocus Brown Eyes tutorial for this. Hers is a bit more brown-y whereas mine is a bit more bronze plus my purple is a bit lighter but that's all interpretation!

I love Blonde's Gold (the color I used on my lid) and I now just realized it's Pro meaning I'm stocking up!
MAC Blonde's Gold on the lid
MAC Bronze in the crease
MAC Violet on the lashline over NYX White (it is pictured lighter than it really is)
MAC Provence as a highlight
Maybelline Full n Soft WP

I'm super happy about all of my classes! One of my classes, Community Psychology, has a requirement of either 20 hours of community service or a 15-20 page paper.

I already picked from the list of volunteer organizations and am so very excited to start on that! I really hope I am accepted there because it just sounds so ridiculously fulfilling. I'll keep you guys updated on that :D

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