Discrepancy between NYX products?

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I was looking at the back of two of my NYX eyeshadows and realized that there was a difference in the product size, 2.0 grams of product versus 2.7 grams as shown on the other one.

Curious, I looked at two more eyeshadows and they both listed 2.7 grams but the stickers on the back were all different from each other! The same thing happened when I compared two of the NYX blushes; their sticker backs were completely different but both listed 4.0 grams.

I went to the NYX website to find the official weight and it was 2.7 grams for the eyeshadow and 6.4 grams for the blush! What the what? I've been jipped by getting a 4.0 gram blush?

Here are the pictures to show you what I mean. I purchased this all from the same place, a Pro Beauty Supply store. This just makes me wonder about the quality control of NYX or whether they've just been continually updating their packaging/product.

Definitely click on the pictures so see better detail! Note that Golden is 2.0 grams.

Very similar looking but all different.
Insanely annoyed about the difference from listing on the NYX site.
I'm miffed about my Golden eyeshadow and my blushes so at the end of this I'm going to be emailing NYX about this. Did I just get really old stock? Have you guys experienced the same?

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