MAC 239 dupe+mini version

This isn't all that new, I actually heard about this from Temptalia years ago (this post actually) and have not been able to find them in stores! I got these from but you can get it off of

I ordered it on the 2nd, it shipped the next day and came the 7th.

I do not own the MAC 239 but I have seen other photos and reviews about it and it looks to be extremely similar. It is goat's hair and soft, not scratchy in the leastest.

I will say though, there is a slight difference even between the same brush. I ordered two of the 3/8" one and 2 of the 1/4" ones. The two pictured are the 3/8" ones; the ones on the right is a little more rounded at the top whereas the one on the left doesn't have as much of a rounded edge.

It's nitpicky but the more rounded one looks more like MAC's 239 so if you wanted to really get it, I'd advise getting it in person to pick out the one you want.
Here's the comparison between the 1/4" and the 3/8". I love the 1/4" one because it perfectly fits my lid due to the way my eye is shaped. I think since it fits my eye more, I like the 1/4" more but they're both good!
Maybe I need several more of these brushes. Since they're white they might get stained from your eyeshadows so if you use really bright green and red ones, you should clean them after you use them.

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