An ode to Foundation and Concealer

I'm done with you, honestly I've invested too much money into trying to make my face look even semi-smooth and normal looking.

So I'm done, I'm saying adios. Yeah my face is lighter than the rest of my body, it has pock marks and red scars from my acne but I will hold my head up high knowing that I've overcome my acne to the extent that you see my skin now. It's in no way smooth or silky or even toned but it's my skin and they're my battle scars post the pubescent stage in my life.

I'm keeping you Clinique Instant Perfector in Invisible Deep, mainly because I like how you make my skin feel but otherwise, I'm not hiding behind my foundation and concealer anymore.

This is in no way putting down those who do wear foundation or anything like that! I'm just expressing my frustrated thoughts with my journey towards finding something that makes me look even without sinking into my pores.

This is my naked face and I'm proud of it considering the state it used to be in 5 years ago.

In other news, I'm adding Hard Candy's Skin Envy Primer to my giveaway as a prize :P

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