Someone needs to take my bank card away :(

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Unless you count what I've purchased as an investment, in which case I'm being extremely savvy.

From AE- Thank heavens for coupon codes and free shipping because otherwise I would not have gotten anything.

So I got this pair of jeggings and skinny jeans. I cringe at the word jeggings but oh man it's extremely comfortable and it isn't too heavy like normal jeans.

From Sugarpill- Spontaneous release of new colors leads to spontaneous purchases by moi. There wasn't any specific notice of new colors by Shrinkle and so it really pushed me over into purchasing

Royal Sugar
and Darling eyeshadow. Ahhh this looks so amazing and it was indeed such a huge impulse buy. Just to note, if you're only interested in getting one eyeshadow from Sugarpill, you can save a dollar by getting it off of Shrinkle's Ebay :)

I also decided to make an investment in some goat hair brushes, specifically Loew Cornell Maxine's Mop brushes because I have heard rumors of them being a dupe of Mac's 239 and 228. Super excited!

Of course I spent money on school books but that's no fun :( I think 104 on one book and 88 on another. Thank heavens for Amazon Student because that means free 2 day shipping, cha ching ching!

I'm extremely excited for Tuesday, I have an orientation appointment/signup at 4:30pm at a temporary shelter that I want to volunteer at! It is a requirement of my Community Psychology class (either 20 hours or a 15-20 page paper) so I picked the volunteering hours. As it is, I am excited about it because I'd probably be working in the children's program, helping the entertain the kids while their parents are taking classes to help improve their skills so they're ready to take the steps to become not homeless.

I think a lot of people are under the impression that those who are homeless are unscrupulous people or those who are just really lazy and drug-addled. It's kind of astounding how many families are homeless and a lot of the time it's not their fault. My sister volunteers at another non-profit organization and tells me that a lot of the people she helps are lawyers, teachers, and just people you wouldn't normally associate with being homeless.

Thus ends my social issues lesson of the day

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