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My skin is fairly pore obvious when it comes to my cheeks and I've having a lot of trouble lately when wearing foundation because liquid and creams would always just sink into my pores and look awful.

I recently ordered some Meow Cosmetics foundation and overall I have lots of positives and a negatives about it.

Pros: They offer 3 different coverage levels, and many many different kinds of shade levels and undertones. I love how it looks on my skin

Con: I am kind of eh about what they consider their heaviest coverage. I ordered 10 samples, all in the heaviest coverage, Flawless Feline.

The samples come in baggies like this, for one dollar containing 1/4 tsp of foundation.

From the site- "Flawless Feline provides complete coverage with no stiff, chalky feeling". The no stiff, chalky feeling stands fairly true but what, complete coverage?

I do really like the foundation. but not necessarily the claim that I can get complete coverage when I have to layer it on, especially with the other two formulas being called layerable versus this just being called "heavy coverage" By the way, I apply with a buffer type brush which was recommended to me on the site for getting heavier coverage.

I found my match and while it isn't quite my perfect heavenly Foundation, I honestly like it enough to keep using it and once my sample runs out, I'll definitely repurchase.

(Frisky, Naughty and Fierce describe how dark it is) Check on the Meow Cosmetics website and Temptalia's Foundation Matrix (a godsend with foundation matching) to find your match!

Top Row, Left to Right:Naughty Angora, Manx, Ocicat, Korat. (Angora and Manx run light)
Bottom Row, Left to Right: not available, Fierce Manx, Abyssinian, Korat

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