Decanting Lip Tars into Lipgloss Tubes (DIY OCC Lip Tar RTW)

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Hey everyone! Today's post is on how you can decant your OCC lip tars from the original squeeze tube packaging into your lipgloss tubes in order to make your own version of the OCC RTW.


Recently, OCC came out with their Ready To Wear or RTW versions of their lip tars. It's the same lip tar formula but packaged into a lipgloss tube instead of the squeeze tube for easy application and touch up. I can't take credit for this idea, I got this from the MakeupAddiction subreddit. It's such a simple idea, I don't know why I didn't think to do this before. 

You can watch the video if you prefer to watch me talk about how to do it, reasons why to do it, etc., or you can keep reading below!

REVIEW, COMPARISON, VIDEO + GIVEAWAY: Real Techniques Collector's Edition Eyelining Set

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I'm very pleased and excited to review this Limited Edition Real Techniques Collector's Edition Eyelining Set of brushes. Despite the name, you can use this for other eye makeup related purposes like applying eyeshadow or eyebrow powders. 

Spoiler alert: I really like this set and I like it because it's what I always wanted their Starter Set of eye brushes to be. I'll give a full review below (you can watch the accompanying Youtube video or read the review) but I want to seriously recommend this brush set for anyone who prefers using smaller eye brushes or has a smaller eye shape.

Be sure to read towards the end where I'll be giving away one of these sets!


Swatch & Review: Life's Entropy Matte Theory in Variable

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As part of Life's Entropy Cosmetics' Anniversary Sale, they released a whole new lip product called the Matte Theories. The Matte Theories are liquid lipsticks following along the liquid to matte trend as of late. They released the product in five colors and I decided to purchase the color Variable for review!

Meet the New Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection Brushes

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Recently I had the opportunity to attend an event held by Real Techniques and in fact I was even able to meet Sam and Nic! At the event, they displayed some of their recent additions to the line (including the Bold Metals Collection brushes) so I thought I'd review them on the blog and in a video.

The Collection consists of seven brushes: two Base brushes, three Eye brushes, and two Finishing brushes. I have four to review today; I was gifted three of them from the brand and received the other as a Klout perk.

The Bold Metals Collection have much more sleek angular handles (that won't roll). These also promise softer bristles compared to the regular line (which I'll tackle in my review of each brush). Unlike the regular line, these actually have a ferrule (instead of the bristles just coming out of the handle), and the ferrules are also specially weighted to hold well in your hand. However, the handles feel like plastic and seem cheap compared to the weighted metal ferrule.