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As part of Life's Entropy Cosmetics' Anniversary Sale, they released a whole new lip product called the Matte Theories. The Matte Theories are liquid lipsticks following along the liquid to matte trend as of late. They released the product in five colors and I decided to purchase the color Variable for review!

Where to Purchase: Life's Entropy
Price: $8.50 for 4 grams
Do they test on animals?: The company does not test on animals.
Packaging: The matte theory comes in a round tube with a doefoot applicator. 


I'm well-versed with applying lip products using a doe foot applicator so the packaging works well for me. I do think the Matte Theory looks better if you're keeping your lips taut (by smiling) as it finishes drying.


The Matte Theories are described as a "long wearing, transfer-resistant, matte finish liquid lipsticks with rich pigmentation that lasts for hours. For best results, prepare lips with lip balm minutes before application, shake before use, and apply in thin coats while letting each layer dry. Best removed gently with oil or an oil based remover."

Feel free to watch my video review or continue reading below!

Remember, with matte lip products you will need to prep your lips before wearing. I generally try to use lip balm and exfoliate my lips prior to all lip products anyway but it's especially key with this. 

When it says it's a liquid to matte, it means it because the Matte Theory has an extremely watery consistency. It isn't viscous at all and literally looks and feels like water. It's much thinner than the Lip Theories. The pigment also tends to settle so be sure to shake it before applying. Though watery, the color isn't streaky in the slightest and is nearly opaque in one pass.

These dry matte, no satin or semi-matte finish here. It also wears very well; I tested it out for seven hours (including a meal and drinking juice) and the color was still going on. It had faded some but thankfully it faded evenly across my lips, no awkward lipstick ring left behind. It also did not flake on me during that time.

I don't find it too heavy but it is a little drying on my lips. It's also transfer resistant. While drinking, I didn't notice any of the color coming off onto the cup. If you eat oily foods, then it will start to break down but otherwise it lasts pretty well. 

Though I personally have no issues with the formula, I feel like the texture is not very user-friendly or practical especially given the packaging. If you somehow tip it the wrong way or drop it, then you will lose a lot of product. I think many people would prefer a creamier formula instead of the current watery formula, for ease of use and practicality's sake. The formula gets a good review for me based on its wear and my personal ability to use it, but I am sure that others might find it difficult.


Variable is described as a "beige rose". I think it's a rosy bricky red.

The arm swatch photo was taken in natural daylight. I did one pass/layer for the left swatch, and did two layers (after waiting for the first to dry) for the right swatch. 


I find that one layer of Variable gives me a mostly opaque finish. It's like 95% there. I have no trouble applying a second layer once the first has dried for a more opaque coverage. I actually like how it looks with "one and a half" layers; once I've applied one layer, I'll wait a little bit (while it's still drying) and use what's left on the doefoot to apply another layer. 


I feel like the review is a bit complicated because while I genuinely like it, I'm aware that it may not be for everyone. If you're a veteran to lip products or a fan of matte lip products in general, then you will definitely like this. If you're a bit clumsy or have issues applying lip products with a doe-foot applicator, you may find it difficult to use. However it wears great on me (no terrible fading from the center outwards and no flaking) and I love the color.

I am interested in new colors coming out in the line but I think it would be great if the formula was made just a little thicker and more like a melted lipstick. In its favor, it's reasonably priced compared to most of the liquid to matte lip products out there. I am happy that Jane expanded into doing liquid to mattes and hope she continues coming out with more product lines!

Rating: A-

Disclaimer: I purchased this with my own money. All opinions are my own. I was not paid for this post.

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