Decanting Lip Tars into Lipgloss Tubes (DIY OCC Lip Tar RTW)

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Hey everyone! Today's post is on how you can decant your OCC lip tars from the original squeeze tube packaging into your lipgloss tubes in order to make your own version of the OCC RTW.


Recently, OCC came out with their Ready To Wear or RTW versions of their lip tars. It's the same lip tar formula but packaged into a lipgloss tube instead of the squeeze tube for easy application and touch up. I can't take credit for this idea, I got this from the MakeupAddiction subreddit. It's such a simple idea, I don't know why I didn't think to do this before. 

You can watch the video if you prefer to watch me talk about how to do it, reasons why to do it, etc., or you can keep reading below!

Doing this is extremely simple. I'll go into how you do it before I go into why anyone would want to do this. I bought my lipgloss tubes from DIYCosmetics for 80 cents each and paid about $3 in shipping. Each lipgloss tube holds 10mL which is the amount that comes in the original lip tars. I've had no issues with the tubes and mine haven't leaked at all. If you're worried, you can store the tubes in a separate bag when you're traveling.

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The lipgloss tubes come in three parts: the tube, the wand, and the plug which acts as a wiper to make sure only enough product comes out. 

Simply squeeze the lip tar into the tube. 

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Once you're done, attach the plug then you're ready to go! The plug is removable if you need to refill your tube with more lip tar.

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Now why would anyone do this instead of just buying the OCC RTWs? There are a few reasons.

If you already have the lip tars, then it is easy to decant into your own lipgloss packaging instead of buying repeats of the colors you already own. You can also do this if you’re a makeup artist and want a set of personal colors and use the tubes on set.

Next, if you wanted to have a color but want to split with friends, then it’s much more easier to buy the original squeeze tube and buy your own lipgloss tubes to split a color.

Lastly, it’s so much more economical to buy the lip tar, buy the empty lipgloss tubes, and then decant them. The original Lip tars are $18 for 10 ml, the RTW are $15 for 4 ml. You save 16% going from the original to the RTW but you lose 60% of product. It costs $1.80 per mL buying it in the original tube, while it costs $3.75 per mL buying it in the RTW.

To put it into perspective and show the savings, here's a comparison of buying five lip tar tubes and splitting them vs buying five of the RTW.

The original lip tars cost $18, five would be $90. Add in the cost of the empty lipgloss tubes with shipping and that’s $7. Grand total cost is $97. Assuming you are only able to decant 9 mL from each, you will get 45 mL total. $97 for 45 mL means it costs $2.15 per mL.

The OCC RTW cost $15, five would be $75. You will get 20mL total. $75 for 20 mL means it costs $3.75 per mL. That means it will cost 74% more to buy it in the RTW than to decant your own.

Now the point of this post isn’t to say that you should never buy the RTW. If you don’t want to deal with having to decant your own or dealing with paying more upfront, by all means buy the RTW. If you already have lip tars though, it may just be more economical to buy your own tubes to decant.

I hope this post was helpful! Do you have any of the lip tars? Are you thinking about decanting your lip tars?

Disclaimer: I purchased the lip tar and lipgloss tubes myself. The post contains affiliate links which give me a commission based off your use of the links. All opinions are my own. I haven't been paid for this post.

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