REVIEW: Mizon Good Night White Sleeping Mask

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When it comes to skincare, sometimes American products or American routines just don't cut it. If you've heard about the Korean 10-Step Skincare routine, you might have thought it was excessive. But once you see how smooth and youthful some of these women are, you'll be wanting to incorporate more of their secrets into your skincare.

I was introduced to the idea of "Sleeping Masks" or "Sleeping Packs" a few weeks ago. These are meant to be the last step in your skincare routine, applied after all your other night creams, serums, and/or essences. Not all sleeping masks are the same. While some work to add a ton of moisture to your skin, others work to just "seal in" the moisture from any moisturizers you're using. 

The Mizon Good Night White Sleeping Mask is a super popular sleeping mask and I've been using it three times a week for a good two months, so I really had the opportunity to test it out for my review!

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Where to Purchase: PeachandLily (use my link to get $10 off your first order of $50 or more and I get $10)
Price: $10.00 for 50 ml or $24.00 for 80 grams. 
Packaging: The mask comes in either the $10.00 tube or $24.00 jar. I suggest the tube since it'll be more hygienic to use!

I do want to clarify something regarding the use of the term "whitening" or "white". In a lot of South Korean and Japanese advertising, when something says "whitening", it's more equivalent to the term "brightening" as opposed to actually lightening or whitening one's skintone. So this mask will help with brightening your skin, but not actually whiten it!

To use the mask, simply apply a layer to your skin (after your moisturizer) and let it dry. It'll dry to slightly tacky finish. When you wake up, use your usual cleanser to wash it off your skin.

I've been enjoying using the mask since it helps to add a little extra moisture, seal in moisture from the moisturizer I'm using, and the niacinamide in the formula has been helping even out my skintone and deal with the hyper pigmentation (dark spots) I get after a particularly bad breakout. Keep in mind that this does contain silicones so if you're prone to breaking out from silicones, I would skip the product.

I have oily but dehydrated skin and using this mask at night has been helping keep my skin moisturized throughout the night and my face does feel more plump in the morning. I tested it out on half of my face and I knew it was working when I continued to use it and noticed a difference in skin texture between the left and the right side.

If you're looking for an extra moisture boost or if you've got dry skin, you may not like the formula as much. However, if you've got normal, combo, or oily skin, you'll definitely like this!

Are you familiar with sleeping masks? Would you consider adding it to your skincare routine?

Disclaimer: I received the mask courtesy of Peach and Lily as a press sample. I was not paid for this review. All opinions are my own!

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