Saying hello again.

Hey everyone,

It's been quite a while since my last blog post. I had a lot of plans this year for the blog (especially in terms of consistency) that didn't really happen. There were a lot of reasons but the simplest answer is that I've been in a funk and I just needed a bit of a break from makeup and blogging in general plus I started going to the gym/focusing on my health (which eats up a lot of time of free time if you're going several days a week after work). 

Honestly this post by Bad Outfit, Great Lipstick is spot on why I stepped away from blogging (feeling less creative, acknowledging the impact of fast makeup/consumerism, changes in readership, etc). A big factor was also that I stopped shopping as much and so it felt hard to write without "material". I'm not quite at a place where I want to give up blogging, but I definitely think I needed the time to think about my hobbies and what I want to enjoy doing. Blogging has changed in the years since I've started and I'm not exactly sure where I fit in as a result.

I probably would have continued ignoring the blog if not for two major life events. First, I ended up moving to a new apartment. While the apartment is in the same complex, that still meant I had to pack my belongings/makeup in order to move. 

Secondly, right before I was moving, my dad ended up going to the hospital and required heart surgery over Thanksgiving weekend. It was the best and worst time for stress shopping because I definitely wanted to do shop to cope while all these companies were doing sales. My routine felt incredibly out of wack since I took time off work to spend time at the hospital. When I was at home and I started to unpack, looking through my things helped me rediscover what I did like about makeup and feel like just doing my makeup could give a sense of control over something in my life. 

My dad's better now but I know things are going to be different for a while due to his health so I feel like my makeup will be a nice comfort for me if only because I can wear what I want and also remove it at the end of the day. 

So this is me saying hi again. I don't know when I'll be writing again but just to say that I hope to have more words down in the future.

Thanks for reading.