See How NYX Be Gone! Lip Color Remover Will Make You Love Liquid Lipsticks Again

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Hey everyone!

With so many makeup companies jumping on the liquid lipstick/long wear lipstick trend, the issue of makeup remover is ever more important. Typically you'd use an oil-based remover to get rid of the lipstick but I highly suggest trying the NYX Be Gone! Lip Color Remover.

You might be thinking "why bother, I could just use coconut oil or a makeup wipe". While that's true, coconut oil can cause breakouts around your lips if you're acne prone and it can take multiple makeup wipes get the color off. This makes the process so much easier.

Check out my review and see how I put it to the test!

Swatches & Review: L'oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Gloss - A Lip Product that Won't Leave You Dried Out

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Hey everyone! Today's review is on the L'oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Glosses. I know I know, let's get it out there that the name "matte gloss" is a contradictory but these claim to be following the trend of lip products that are matte but don't dry down to a completely set, ultra drying transfer-proof finish. 

The range comes in ten shades, I have five of the brighter shades to show you!

Does the formula live up to its name? Continue to read the review!

Review: Sephora Black Magic Makeup Remover Cloths - A Reusable Makeup Remover Cloth

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Hey everyone! While we all love to wear makeup, we can all agree that the removal at the end of the day can be really annoying. Products like cleansing oils and makeup wipes are useful but if you want a product-less alternative, then Sephora's Black Magic Makeup Remover Cloths might be up your alley. These cloths promise to remove makeup (including eye makeup), oil, pollutants, etc with only water. 

Does it live up to its claim? Continue to read the review!

You'll Want These Essence Sheer & Shine Lipsticks for a Great Casual Lip Look

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Hey everyone! Today's review is on the Essence Sheer and Shine Lipsticks. For someone looking for an everyday relaxed makeup look, these are promising a sheer lip with a bit of shine for only $2.99. I'm glad to see Essence expanding their makeup line and these were a surprising welcome. They have started launching in Target stores but are they worth the scope?

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