Swatches & Review: L'oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Gloss - A Lip Product that Won't Leave You Dried Out

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Hey everyone! Today's review is on the L'oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Glosses. I know I know, let's get it out there that the name "matte gloss" is a contradictory but these claim to be following the trend of lip products that are matte but don't dry down to a completely set, ultra drying transfer-proof finish. 

The range comes in ten shades, I have five of the brighter shades to show you!

Does the formula live up to its name? Continue to read the review!
Where to Purchase:*/Target,
Price: $7.99-$9.99 for .21 oz/6.3mL
Do they test on animals?: The company does not test on animals.
Packaging: The pro-matte gloss comes in a clear plastic tube with a matte black cap. The pro-matte gloss comes with an angled teardrop shaped applicator with a hole in the middle.

I thought the applicator was gimmicky at first but after using it, I realized what the purpose of the shape was. The hole in the middle is to help excess product flow through as you're applying the matte gloss. That way, the pressure from the applicator doesn't push product down the edge of the applicator and it helps keep your lip line as precise as possible. The edges of the applicator allow you to precisely apply product wherever you need to without overlining your lips.

Application Tip:

The angle to the doefoot applicator is important and I find that applying the matte gloss a certain way gives the best result. With your bottom lip, use the side of the doefoot that is angled towards. Doing it that way will apply an even layer while also pushing any extra product to the other side of the doefoot, which you can use to precisely apply product to the top lip. 

Apparently these pro-matte glosses aren't sealed at the stores so if you're not sure if they've been used, you can check this window at the top of the tube. If it's filled with product, then the wand has been pulled through but if it's clear like this, then it hasn't!


L'oreal describes the formula as:

"the first high-impact matte gloss that provides high-impact, velvet matte color without the dry-out. The unique Pro-Sculpt applicator allows you to create endless looks from a bold sculpted look to a nude ombre. Bold color intensity, lush feel, and all day comfort"

I know the name "matte gloss" seems confusing, but I think they called it a "matte gloss" for two reasons; 1) so it'd match up with the Infallible Pro Glosses they already have and 2) because it can dry down to a "matte" finish but it applies like a lip gloss (i.e., from a tube using a doefoot applicator).

But it's kind of a shame that it's been promoted as a "matte" product because it's not really matte, at least not without blotting or a long wait time. If I didn't know about the product claims, I would have rated this higher because honestly I like the formula. I like how it's got a creamy, mousse-y texture and isn't dry, sticky, or clingy. It feels comfortable to wear and doesn't crack or flake off your lips because doesn't set/isn't transferproof. It didn't dry my lips out either. The majority of colors were opaque and wonderfully pigmented. 

However, it's got a satin finish upon application. If I wanted an immediate matte finish, I need to blot it. If you didn't want to blot, it takes at least 30 minutes to settle to a velvet matte finish. I don't believe that you should have to take such steps to get the look that's been promised on the label.

Frankly if they had just marketed these as a liquid lipstick with a comfortable satin finish (hell, call it a the Pro-Satin Gloss), no one would complain. I think people would love the formula for its creaminess and how comfortable it is and all the pros I listed above. But it promises a matte finish that they don't deliver without some external intervention.

Fair warning, these have the typical L'oreal rose fragrance but I think it's also smells a little fruiter. The scent does fade but if you're sensitive to scents, keep that in mind. I will say a pro to the formula is that removal is a breeze. Take a makeup wipe and it's gone. No mess and no fussing with an oil based remover. 

I feel a little conflicted about the product because I personally like the formula but dislike the name because of the expectations associated with it. If you like the sounds of the formula and don't mind ignoring the name, I think you'll enjoy the product.

Wear Time:

Over the hours that I wore the formula, my lips did not feel dried out and that's because the formula doesn't fully set. It allows for a more comfortable feel and wear, though it isn't transfer-proof which can compromise wear time. I got about 5-6 hours of wear from this.


I have both arm swatches and full face photos/lip swatches for each shade. 

Of the five shades, four were opaque with one pull of the wand. I did need to dip back into the tube for Fuchsia Amnesia but being a neon pink, it wasn't surprising that the formula was not as opaque. All the shades did leave a stain behind.

From left to right: Fuchsia Amnesia, Rebel Rose, Shanghai Scarlet, Forbidden Kiss, Rouge Envy

With the lip swatches, I didn't wait for the product to dry down or blot before taking photos. Like I said, eventually they do dry down to a semi-matte finish or can be blotted so it's immediately matte.

Fuchsia Amnesia

Fuchsia Amnesia is a bright neon barbie pink, with a hint of purple. Like I mentioned above, I needed to dip the wand into the product twice to make sure I got enough product to apply. It's incredibly eye searing but not a color I personally would wear.

Rebel Rose

Rebel Rose is a brighter berry pink. It applied evenly and looks great against a warm skintone. Though a bit bright for me, it's a color I could wear if I was feeling adventurous.

Shanghai Scarlet

Shanghai Scarlet is a bold red, with a hint of an orange undertone. It's absolutely beautiful and applies easily with incredible intensity. If you're into a red lip, you'll probably love this shade.

Forbidden Kiss

Forbidden Kiss is a reddish berry purple, it reminds me of red grapes. It's brilliant and a nice twist on the berry lip. I think it's my favorite of the five shades!

Rouge Envy

Rouge Envy is a brightened raspberry pink. Also beautiful and one I think would suit every skintone! It's the perfect spring or summer color!


I say give this a try based on my description of the formula, not on its name. These feel like a creamy melted lipstick and are much more comfortable to wear and while they can transfer, they wear and fade evenly while also staining your lips. Of the five shades, I loved Forbidden Kiss and Rouge Envy the most. If you don't mind the L'oreal rose scent and the fact that they're not really matte unless you help it along or wait, then you'll like these. The ease of removal is also a mark in its favor.

Are you more into the transferproof products or are you more down for the more comfortable wearing ones?

Disclaimer: I received the lip products courtesy of L'oreal. All opinions are my own and I was not compensated for this post. The link marked with an asterisk is an affiliate link which provides me a commission based off your use of the link. 


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  8. I am a liquid lipstick person and matte finish gets me everytime. These are gorgeous, especially Rouge Envy and Forbidden Kiss.

  9. I have these and I kind of like them, but I agree. The name is highly misleading.

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  15. Wow, those shades are so pigmented! And I'm glad they're not totally matte coz maybe I could wear them!


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