New Sugarpill=my life is complete

I'm extremely glad I live in California because that's the only reason I got my Sugarpill today.

The swatches speak for themselves. The eyeshadows were applied wet and then topped with a dry layer of shadow.

Royal Sugar. Gah gorgeous.

Darling is similar to Royal Sugar in terms of texture, that sort of matte shot through with gorgeous turquoise shimmer. My picture unfortunately sucks, the picture on Sugarpill is more accurate in terms of shimmer.

It's exactly what I wanted MAC's Partylicious pigment to be like. A little more green toned in real life. The shimmer is a bit more hidden because of the pigment color but it still looks fantastic. I did experience some staining but it was quite minor.
I'm not normally one to go out and spring for a new eyeshadow (Darling) without hearing reviews but I couldn't resist and I'm glad for it. You need it. I promise you.

Here's a picture of the underside, Royal Sugar is older and has the ingredients listed, but Darling is new and does not. The ingredients are listed online though!


  1. Aww, I like Partylicious, but I tend to prefer blue-toned aquas/turquoise/teals. I think Darling looks pretty regardless :) Royal Sugar is a lovely bright blue.

  2. @Phyrra

    Darling is really pretty and it does have a prominent greenish base;Royal Sugar is so amazing, I don't know how I managed to survive without it

  3. @Phyrra least I think Daring is greener, maybe my eyes are deceiving me, haha I don't know anymore.

  4. Hey there :) !
    I found Goss through your and some other comments on LeGothique's blog and just wanted to thank you - I love him already! He's skilled at what he does but also honest and seems like a really good person. An amazing combination!

  5. @Ana

    You're welcome! I'm glad you're enjoying his videos, I love all of his opinions plus he's quite easy on the eyes ;)


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