Fyrinnae Arcane Magic: Dark Fantasy Eyeshadow Swatch

I was going to swatch all three Fyrinnae eyeshadows I got in one post but then I decided that Dark Fantasy deserves a post all its own. This is the most magical eyeshadow ever, I really don't know how to gather my thoughts and feelings on it.

Here's a description of what the Arcane Magic Eyeshadows are:

"The Arcane Magic Eyeshadows are specialized colours with a highlight that changes hue depending on how the light hits it (closer to or further from a light). Different light sources may show different shades too (they do not show as well in sunlight as in artificial light, and some may not appear to change at all). Please note that the Arcanes will probably look a little different in photos than in person because of the light-change effect"

Given that the Arcane Magic are specialized eyeshadows, they do cost a little extra. The full sizes are $6.35 for 3 grams and samples are $2.00 for a 1/4 tsp.

Though I was able to capture the color change, I urge you to check out Mandy's Swatch of Dark Fantasy because her swatch of Dark Fantasy blows mine out of the water.

Dark Fantasy is described as "An Intense grass green shimmer on a black base, which changes to a golden-peach to deep orange coral".

Here's a picture of it in natural daylight.

Fyrinnae Arcane Magic in Dark Fantasy

When I first swatched it, I didn't see the color change at all and to be honest, I completely missed the part in the description where it said the color change does not show as well in sunlight as it does in artificial light so that's derp on my part.

After much trial and error on my part (most of it because I kept trying in sunlight), I figured it out. I keep a table top mirror on my desk so I can do my makeup and it turns out I was able to see the color change when I had the eyeshadow held next to the mirror. The mirror reflected light in a certain way that just brought out the color. This isn't a simple duochrome change, it's so much better!

Here's how it appears in its resting state, without any of the color change. This was taken under fluorescent lighting and applied dry over Too Faced Shadow Insurance.

Fyrinnae Arcane Magic: Dark Fantasy Swatch

Slightly angled under the light, you can see the beginnings of the color change come about.

Fyrinnae Arcane Magic: Dark Fantasy Swatch

And bam! Look at that difference between the top half and the bottom half.


Here's another take at it in its resting state


And here it is with the color change.

Fyrinnae Arcane Magic: Dark Fantasy Swatch

Since this color has a black base, it's imperative that you PAT the color on versus sweeping it on. Patting it on helps show off the shimmer and I do urge you to use it over Pixie Epoxy or any other glitter fixative to really will bring out the bright grass green shimmer and to increase the color change.

Needless to say, this is an amazing eyeshadow in its resting and color changing state. The color change is awesome and while you won't see it well unless you're in artificial lighting, it's nice to see that it actually does occur.

Fyrinnae only produce vegan cosmetics and it makes me that much more appreciative and admiring of their work. The company has managed to create such unique eyeshadows that I have YET to see matched by more mainstream cosmetics and all without the use of animal byproducts. I give them major props.

Do you own any of Fyrinnae's Arcane Magic Eyeshadows?


  1. Wow! You really captured the colour shift well! I have this shadow but never really noticed the pink in it. I think I'll have to pull it out again :)

  2. *finger hovers over order button* I love complex, deep greens. I need to play with my Fyrinnae now!

  3. I have a few Arcane Magics...Evocation is my favorite!

    I'm jealous of your skills in getting these photos to show the color change so well!

  4. Wow! Awesome job on capturing the shift! Funny, I don't think I have this color. I'll have to pick it up next time I place a Fyrinnae order!

  5. I own this color and love it! The Arcane Magic shadows are among some of my most favorite Fyrinnae shadows, ever :-)

    1. PS - thank you for the shout out in your post ;-)


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