IMATS LA 2012 Day 2 Recap

I know I know, you might be tired of all the IMATS related post but this is the last one covering it, I promise!

(Just a warning, some of the Special Effects makeup and Body Painting in this post may be considered NSFW)

After staying overnight at IMATS (thanks to the lovely Alyson of Gloss Menagerie for letting me crash in her hotel room), I was all geared up in the morning for Day 2. Of course I completely forgot to charge my camera battery the night before so I was fairly low on Day 2 which meant I had to save my battery for the cool stuff. Near the end of the day I saw tons of Special Effects makeup and Body Painting and managed to use my iPhone to take pictures.

To start off the post, here's a picture of me with Josh/Misty Maven. I met so many people and took lots of pictures with them but I didn't want to have to make you scroll through them all so if you want to see them, feel free to check out the photo album on my Facebook Page.


I went walking with Heather by the Shany Cosmetics booth when we noticed this palette and brush on the wall. It turns out there were actual eyeshadows in the display and they were huge! Heather's hand in the picture can give you an idea of the size of the pans and brush.


I didn't scope out many booths but I did want to stop by Z-Palette. Before IMATS, I saw a preview of their new palette that was supposed to be deep enough to hold baked powders. I know that people do like depotting their baked powders but finding a place to hold them is especially difficult so I'm glad to see that they came out with a solution.


Vanitymark was a booth we stumbled upon near the end of the show. I didn't recognize the booth until I saw some Dr. KISS lip balms on display and realized that I had heard the brand before! If you're a reader of Temptalia, you may recognize Vanitymark (and its owner Brett Freedman) by the mini series "The Making of Dr. KISS Gloss" that has been posted on her site.

Brett was super nice and it was fun hanging out at their booth. By the way, any redheads looking for brow pencils should check out their Gingerella pencil. It was damn near smudgeproof when swatched.


The rest of this post is going to be showing off the amazing special effects and body painting I saw at the show. I think they really saved the best for the last day, almost everywhere I went there was something I wanted to take a picture of.

photo (24)

photo (22)

photo (21)

photo (25)

The gattling gun that this guy carried actually turned on and the barrels spun!

photo (26)

photo (23)

This girl was so adorable, I loved that she has makeup on her eyes so it looks like she's got such wide eyes.


to end this post, here's a group picture with everyone I went to IMATS with that day: Mandy, Heather, Dawn, Cora, and Angie!

photo (27)

I had such a great time at IMATS and I really can't wait to go to the next one in January. I just gotta get through grad school applications and the Fall semester :P Thank you for being awesome enough to deal with my IMATS posts, I'll have a FOTD posted soon using the Sugarpill Heartbreaker palette I got from the show.


  1. That bodypainting is fantastic!

  2. Last IMATS post until January ;)

    Awww, wish I could've spotted Josh, but I probably left too early to take a picture of him.


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