Gelish Nails: One Week Later

Last Saturday I went and got Gelish nails (gel nails) done for the first time ever. If you do want to read about my experience, you can check it out over at Phyrra's blog. I hardly ever get my nails done, much less gel nails so it's been a new experience and it's almost slightly unnerving how shiny my nails have managed to stay.

Here's what my nails looked like right after I had them done


and here's what my nails look like a week later. There's been growth and no chipping near the free edge. There aren't any scuffs or dents on the nails and lots of shine left.


The only thing is that I've noticed some chipping on the sides of my nails (you can see it on my index nail, though it was also on my thumbnails).


I often like to bite down on my nails when I'm bored so I'm especially happy to see that they haven't dented or been scuffed from that. It's certainly working as a deterrent for chewing my nails. The growth to gel nail proportion isn't too obvious and I'm especially glad that they haven't badly chipped. Gelish is supposed to last three weeks on the nails but I think there would be a lot of nail growth and the Gelish will look strange on.

I'll be updating on the wear next week!

Have you ever had gel nails done? Did you like the experience?

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