My Current Favorite Nude Lipcolor

This is a content lite post but I just wanted to show off an awesome "my lips but better" color I got from Silk Naturals. This is Maiden, supposedly a clone of MAC Bare Slimshine but since I don't own Bare I can't compare the two.

Forgive the no makeup face, I took this picture before I hurried off to work and I didn't want to bother with any real makeup this morning! I got three Silk Naturals lip products in a recent order and I'll be swatching them soon so until then, enjoy Maiden.



  1. It makes your lips look really pretty.
    I would never have guessed that it's not a lipbalm but an actual lipstick.

  2. Ooooh, lovely! I need to place a SN order as I'm out of Pretty Please (first lippy I've used up in a long time!) which is *my* favuorite nude. I may have to pop this in my basket :D

  3. Looks great! Can't wait to see what other SN lippies you have to share with us.

  4. I LOVE SN nude lippies. My fave is probably Hey Baby. Really wanna try this one!


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