Aqua and Green with a Pop of Blue Liner FOTD

I have to say that coming up with names for the looks I do is probably the hardest part about the whole posting process. I do like incorporating the names of the colors I use in the title but at the same time, I don't have enough creativity to come up with multiple combinations. If you guys post looks, how do you name them?

Anyway, this was one of the first looks I did with the Heartbreaker Palette but it got lost in my sea of pictures and I only just rediscovered the set now. I especially love Velocity as a liner color, it contrasts so well with Mochi on the lid!





Face(I'm guesstimating since I didn't write down products but I'm pretty sure of what I used
Armani Luminous Silk Foundation in 7
theBalm Downboy Blush?

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Sugarpill Acidberry in the inner corner
Sugarpill Mochi on the lid
Sugarpill Velocity with Inglot Duraline to line the top and bottom
Sugarpill Sinnocent Lashes
Make Up For Ever Waterproof Eyebrow Corrector in 3

Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Soft Nude
Too Faced Glamour Gloss in Flirt

I'm sure everyone's heard about it now but Urban Decay has decided to NOT sell in China meaning their products won't have the possibility of being tested there. I'm glad they changed their mind, but I don't particularly like how they are making it seem like it's because they wanted to stick to their principles. This was certainly fueled by money and if they really wanted to stick to their principles, they wouldn't have entertained the thought in the first place. What are your thoughts on Urban Decay's change of stance?


  1. I agree with you re: Urban Decay's U turn.

    I love Mochi on you, it pops with your skintone.

  2. Naming is always so hard. If it's not a tutorial from a music video, I just... it just comes. IDK.

  3. I love to use a pop of color when I wear glasses. Mochi looks really nice, I love turquoise. I am not sure I can pull it off though.

  4. Oh i love this. So vibrant! <3 Hmm, I have a hard time just naming any post... so I usually wait it out and see if anything interesting pops into my mind :)

  5. I'm terrible with naming all my posts, regardless of their content :D
    If it's a look I go for what frist crosses my mind when looking at the pictures.

    The falsies are my fav part of this look. Such delicate little things <3 <3

  6. Wow, amazing! I love it <3
    And the lipstick is so nice!!


  7. I'm not buy anymore UD because the brand test their ingredients on animals now. Only the finished products have been not test. I'm sad.
    You can see here (this isn't my blog)

  8. Gorgeous, I'm loving those colors!

  9. Urban Decay can kiss my ass. I agree-- if their change of heart was about personal ethics and morals, they would NEVER have agreed to animal testing in the first place. What the heck was that press release about bringing UD to China to empower women by giving them high-powered jobs, or attempting to infiltrate China with their animal-loving ethics, L to the O to the L

    Same for MAC. I keep hearing rumours from MAC employees that a mysterious "memo" was passed around stating that China gave them a "get out of jail free card" on animal testing. Has anyone seen this memo? I haven't. Even if it's true, it's still not good enough because it only means that MAC would not hesitate to conduct animal testing if it were required of them.

  10. Wow this is just lovely. The colours go together so well!


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