Glossier Generation G: New vs. Old Formula Swatches, Review, and Comparison

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As the title suggests, I'm going to be talking about Glossier's latest reformulation of their Glossier Generation G's, their sheer matte lipstick. This is the third formulation of the Generation G's and along with a tweak to one of the shades (Leo), there's been a long asked for update to the packaging and formula. I have the second formulation and packaging and got the new formula to compare.

Glossier Generation G New vs. Old Tubes

Glossier Generation G: New vs. Old Comparison

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Price Comparison: 

The Generation Gs are still $18.00 but now there's 50% more product with the reformulation. The previous tubes came with .07 oz/2 grams while the new formula comes with .10 oz/3 grams of product. I'm glad they revamped the formula while keeping it the same price.

Packaging Comparison:

The previous versions of the Generation Gs were notorious for fickle packaging with lids that could crack/break with everyday use. The original had even more chinzy packaging but the second version still had some issues with the quality. I'm happy to see a more substantial packaging with the same angled bullet design but with a metal tube and better lid. You can see how the lid is better reinforced so hopefully it will be longer lasting.

I did weigh both the new and older Generation Gs so I could see how heftier the packaging is. I didn't weigh a completely new Generation G so my numbers may be off by a gram or so but the old Generation G weighed 10 grams total while the new Generation G weighs in at 22 grams. Accounting for 3 grams of product, that's 19 grams for the packaging which is a major improvement.

Glossier Generation G: New vs. Old Packaging

Formula Comparison:

This type of product (and the brand in general) is great for people who like a less is more/casual makeup look. This is generally not for people who want bold opaque color. It's still an uncommon lip product since many brands might do a sheer lipstick but they tend to be shiny vs. matte like the Generation Gs. 

Glossier said of the new formula:
We added cross polymers for a softer feel, priming resins to enhance weartime, sunflower and synthetic beeswaxes for a more cushiony texture, and a subtle lychee rose scent. The new Gen G will still have sheer coverage, but it has been updated for more buildable payoff, truer matte finish, and a creamier glide on application. All shades have remained the same with the exception of Leo, which we updated to be slightly more neutral brown.

The new formula is slightly softer than the old version but it's still firm in the tube. The product warms up as you apply it and it's buildable giving a different look depending on how many layers you apply. The brighter colors like Zip and Crush give more payoff. It stays matte vs. the previous formula, which looked matte but had a bit of a comfortable slip. The previous iterations didn't have any added scent, resulting in a modeling clay tinge. The new formula has a "lychee rose" scent; I do smell the lychee but it's more floral thanks to the rose. Wear time is about the same, two to three hours depending on the color and if you're eating/drinking. 

Overall, the visual effect you get is virtually identical to the older formula but it does maintain a more matte look and feel on the lips. You can also build up the color more easily with the new formula.

That being said...I don't like the reformulation. Each swipe applies such a thin matte layer that makes your lips feel so dry. I don't think the product itself is drying, but it just ends up feeling like you're rubbing your dry lips together because there's not that much product on. I felt like it needed to be paired with a lip balm and don't even bother wearing this if your lips are chapped. The previous formula looked matte but still had a softer feel on the lips as you built up the layers so it felt more comfortable. It's a small change but unfortunately not one I personally enjoy.

If you already loved the old Generation G, I'm not 100% on whether you'll enjoy the new reformulation. A lot of the core aspects of the product haven't changed but I definitely miss the old feel of the Generation G's on my lips. If you didn't like the previous versions because you felt like the packaging was unreliable, color payoff wasn't good, and that it didn't stay matte enough, then that aspect has been improved.

Shade Differences:

The only shade that changed according to Glossier is Leo. I wanted to compare both the old and new Cake along with the old and new Leo. 

First up is Cake. Though they look different in the tube, both the old and new Cake are the same color once applied. Since the new formula allows you to build up the color better, you can get Cake to look more pigmented than the old formula.

Glossier Generation G: New vs. Old Formula Swatches, Review, and Comparison

Leo was described as being more neutral brown and the color difference is pretty significant in the tube. On my lips though, I don't notice a significant difference but your experience may vary. 

Glossier Generation G: New vs. Old Leo

I don't own Like in the old formula so I can't compare.


Arm swatches of the new vs. old formulas against the tubes. From bottom to top is new Cake, old Cake, new Leo, old Leo, and Like. I did three swipes of each color so you can see how the pigmentation varied from the new vs. the old.

Glossier Generation G: New vs. Old Swatches

Here's another view without the tubes. From left to right: new Cake, old Cake, new Leo, old Leo, and Like

Glossier Generation G: New vs. Old Formula Swatches

Here are lip swatches of the three new Generation Gs.


Glossier Generation G Cake

Cake is described as a subtle peach. It's a pretty spot on description and probably my favorite shade of the three.


Glossier Generation G Leo

Leo is described as a neutral cocoa brown. I'd say the full face photo is more accurate than the up close photo. It reminds me of a 90s neutral brown lip.


Glossier Generation G Like

Like is described as a light cool pink. It's less pigmented than Cake or Leo and looks like a powdered pink on your lips.


I'm someone who typically doesn't like change and sometimes it proves me right. I'm glad to see that Glossier finally got wise and updated the packaging but I'm not down for the new formulation on me. Of course, your experience may vary as I've seen other people who like how the formula was updated.

Admittedly though, I'm a little judgmental that this is their second reformulation/update to the packaging when the product's only been out for two years. But their customer service and relationship with their customers is stellar and I can appreciate their transparency during the process and their willingness to acknowledge what has and hasn't worked for their customers. This unfortunately doesn't work for me anymore.

Have you tried Glossier's Generation Gs? What do you think of their new formulation?

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  1. I haven’t tried Glossier at all but there’s a store by me now so I’m planning on stopping by.

  2. I hated the original Generation G formula and will be skipping this one. I did buy the reformulated skin tint and really like it. Thank you for the thorough review and excellent swatches!

  3. Great thorough review and comparison of the old and new formula. I really like cake on you too!

  4. Your hair looks so cute. I like the swatch of Like but it doesn't seem to have any color on your lips. I like a natural looking lip, not bold, but this is a little too natural.

  5. I have an old and a few new were gifted to me for Christmas. I really like the new tubes, much sturdier. I like the colors and wear also. But I get what you're saying about the dried out feeling.

  6. Those look nice for just a subtle bit of colour.

  7. not the biggest fan of Like, it looks a little patchy.


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