Valentine's Day Manicure

Revlon All Fired Up with Konad White. Plate M77 for the ring finger and M14 for the sparkles

I haven't used my Konad in a while so I thought I'd break it out as a way of procrastinating on my transcription homework. I meant to stamp the sparkles on the rest of my fingers but I ran out of nail polish remover so I just stuck with this.

I'm not doing anything exciting for Valentine's Day and instead am going out to eat dinner at Olive Garden. I've got such a soft spot for fettuccine alfredo and I don't really like chocolate (I prefer it in cake form), I don't like getting flowers, and I'm picky about jewelry.

I shall be going to the Hsi Lai Temple in SoCal and then shopping before dinner, nom nom.


  1. Awww love the stickers, finally sth extraordinary!

  2. Yay another girl not fond of flowers!! If i were to receive flowers/candy/etc I'd prefer it NOT to be on Vday cause I think it means so much more when it's random and for the reason of JUST CAUSE. Loving your manicure!

  3. This is just too pretty. I need to get myself some Konad goodies.....I could do so much with it.....

    BTW I'm picky with my gifts and often times will tell my bf exactly what I


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