Love Parcel From Anna!

I was in a not so cheery mood when I came home yesterday because of traffic and a bout of hunger but it was such a nice surprise to come home and see Anna's package from Germany! (If you haven't checked out her blog yet, here's the link) This is only 1/2 of it so I'm super excited to see what the other half has!

I've heard some good things about P2 so I'm glad she put something from them in it. Although it doesn't look too clear, the eyeshadow really reminds me of Too Faced Baked Eyeshadows. Both are planetary themed plus the packaging looks very similar. The P2 eyeshadow doesn't match any of Too Faced eyeshadows but I do wonder if they're made by the same manufacturer!

I got some bomb-diggity lip glosses, a scrub and a Maybelline eyeshadow.
Mmm Kinder chocolate. Sorry America you've never had chocolate until you've had European chocolate. There are some Kinder chocolates I can get in America but never the Kinder eggs. The Schoko-Bons are my sister's favorite so she promptly grabbed a bunch.
Thank you so much Anna! I hope my package to you gets to you soon :D

I should have my KKCenterHK eyelashes review up either today or tomorrow!

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  1. Hehe you're very welcome, let's see when I can make it to send out the other half, still figuring out how to... stuff the stuff into the parcel, lol. The scrub's my favourite exfoliator, I think Rituals is nowhere available but in Europe, so I hope you like the scent.


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