Pink Konad Top Coat=Fail

I was really super excited to try the Pink Konad because I had heard that it was perfect to put over French manicures to get that slight pink tint without overly muting the stark whiteness of the french tip.

Well it was a total waste.

I had done a French pedicure mostly just to try it out on my feet. I did it at night, went to bed and then went to a little party and played with a 6 year old from 1:30-8.

By the way, I actually rode a bike (without training wheels) for the first time ever! Yeah I'm 19, but I only got so far as training wheels before I quit.

The 6 year old's dad found out (it was at his house) and made it his mission to teach me. In 5 minutes I was totally riding by myself. The next 30ish minutes were spent running to the park, sifting through the sand to find baby pinecones and then running back.

I came home around 9ish to find nearly every single toe has chipped polish on it. I mean seriously? I know it wasn't ruined because of smudging or anything because there were no smear marks but it was seriously chipped.

I would show you a picture but my feet are not pretty due to past experiences as a dancer.

Either way, Pink Top coat=Fail.

I can't say if the regular Top Coat is the same in terms of quality, simply because I don't have it but I know I won't stray from my Seche Vite. I'll try a sandwich of Pink Top Coat and then Seche Vite over it but it seems like such a pain in the ass to have to double up on top coat.

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