Talika Lipocils Expert Experiment: Day 19

I thought I'd just give an update on how well the Talika Lipocils Expert is working on my lashes.

Here's what my lashes looked like in the beginning.

Here's how they look on Day 19

As to some of their claims, I haven't noticed any real curling other than on the lashes at the very end, mostly the wispy ones. The length of my lashes is the biggest change I've seen thus far and pigmentation-wise it has stayed the same. My lashes certainly look a bit fuller too!

I'll say though, it's kind of a pain applying mascara on after putting on the Talika. I made the mistake of putting it on, waiting for it to dry and then subsequently trying to curl my lashes. You have to wait quite a bit after putting it on to curl your lashes otherwise they'll stay stubbornly straight.

I shall update you when I'm done using it for the suggested time!

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