Mini Sally Beauty Supply Haul/Thoughts

Of course I'd get all discontinued products, but I digress it was still nice. My Sally Beauty Supply had so many things on clearance! CND Cuticle Eraser(which I don't enjoy the scent of so I didn't get that), the Supernail version of the Cuticle Eraser, the mini Mango Mend and lots more! You should definitely check out your local one.

3.99 for Nail Bright and 2.99 for the Femme Couture Gel eyeliner in Espresso

I got the Nail Bright because I'm looking for something that'll help with my yellow nails. They've been growing out pinker because I stopped using NailTek Foundation II and CND Stickey Base(the old version)
Stila Black Smudge Pot on the left, Femme Couture gel eyeliner on the right.

Anyways, here's a swatch of the Femme Couture gel eyeliner(if you could really call it that). It's got such a quirky texture;when I got it and tested it out in the car due to my lack of patience, I thought it had melted because it was so soft. Nope, it's squishy and has a really shiny texture as seen in the swatch.

Not sure if I like it on the eyes, must investigate more.

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