Dreamworld Hermetica Hocus Pocus Collection Eyeshadow Swatches and Review

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So before I get to the post, I want to talk about something I've been pondering for a while. I've been rethinking how I do my swatches and I want to start doing eyeshadow swatches with and without primer so you guys can see how pigmented (or not) an eyeshadow is on its own. I think a lot of brands have started to rely on a primer to "boost" the pigmentation of their eyeshadows and I would like to hold companies to a better standard where the consumer doesn't have to rely on that. I personally always wear primer and you can get a decent primer for only a few bucks. Still though, I suppose for those who really want to see an eyeshadow stand alone, it's worth seeing how it is without primer. Is this something you guys would be interested in?

Anyway, back to the post! Today I have the Dreamworld Hermetica Hocus Pocus Collection Eyeshadows to swatch. The collection is themed after the movie Hocus Pocus and it's perfect timing before Halloween! The collection includes sixteen eyeshadows, two cheek colors, and two lip colors. I have all sixteen eyeshadows to swatch for today.

I was supremely impressed with the eyeshadows. They're quite pigmented without primer but enhanced with primer. I recommend primer anyway to prevent creasing but this isn't an eyeshadow that needs a primer to make it look good. These eyeshadows are finely milled but not dusty with brilliant sparkle and a metallic shine. 

Where to Purchase: Dreamworld Hermetica
Price: $2.75 for 0.5 to 0.75 grams (without a sifter). $5.49 for 1 to 1.5 grams.
Packaging: The mini and full size come in jars. The mini doesn't come with a sifter but the full size does.
Do they test on animals?: Nope they don't.

Dreamworld Hermetica Hocus Pocus Eyeshadow Collection

All swatches were photographed in natural daylight. The eyeshadows were swatched dry, the left swatch over bare skin and the right swatch over Milani Eyeshadow Primer. As you can see, most of the eyeshadows don't need it. 

Dreamworld Hermetica Hocus Pocus Collection

1963: "Deep purplish brown" Although not a color I liked, it's a deep red toned purple that's got a shine to it.
All Hallow's Eve: "Warm metallic with pink undertones that shift" A deep metallic orange, it's perfect for fall.
Angry Zombie: "Mixture of copper, bronze, and tan that has created a beautiful deep bronze" One of my favorites in the set. It turns positively metallic and foiled over primer. A must-have!
Black Flamed Candle: "Purplish brown with yellow undertones. Slight shimmer." I didn't think this was much of a purplish brown, it almost seemed more like a deep pewter. I thought it looked beautiful in the bag but I thought it had a little too much fall out.

Dreamworld Hermetica Hocus Pocus Collection

Bloody Witch: "Deep brownish black with shifting reddish undertones" I'm surprised at how much I like the color.  Deeply pigmented with or without primer.
Cursed Boy: "Deep black with copper undertones" Meh, I didn't like this color as much. I was hoping the black would be deeper and that the copper sparkles would stand out more. I don't think it's a must-have.
Evil Witch: "Medium greenish color with blue undertones" This color would be perfect as an inner corner highlight or for a pop of color in the middle of the lid. It does need primer to look its best.
Girl with the Yabbos: "Brown to green shifting color" This actually reminds me of MAC's Green Brown though the green shifting color isn't as strong. Great for a smoky eye.

Dreamworld Hermetica Hocus Pocus Collection

Hallowed Ground: "Soft iridescent green with a warm undertone" I actually don't see the green in this, it seems much more of a blue silver than a green with a warm undertone. Still beautiful nonetheless.
Hocus Pocus: "Multi-colored, multi-dimensional. A charcoal black with silver sparkle." This was one that really needed the help of a primer. I also thought it was a little difficult to see the rainbow sparkle. This was prone to fall out.
ICE: "A blueish silver" This also really needed the help with a primer, this was the worst offender for fall out so you gotta be careful.
Little Witch: "A peachy bronze with gold shimmer" Super duper thought this was brilliant. I think this is a good color for when you want to do a lazy eye look, pat it on to your eyelid for one shade and blend in your crease for another.

Dreamworld Hermetica Hocus Pocus Collection

Siren Witch: "Deep satiny cool purple" Purples can sometimes be tricky but this performed wonderfully with and without a primer. 
Spell Book: "Deep burgundy with multiple shimmers" It's difficult to see but Spell Book has this brilliant gold filled sparkle against the burgundy background. It was one of my favorites though you do have to be careful about fall out.
Under Ground Crypt: "Green with blueish undertones. Satiny finish." This has a real brilliant shine to it. A pretty sage green.
Young Virgin: "A gorgeous blue color with shifting colors" I'm a little meh on the color. I thought it looks a little muddy compared to the rest of the shades in the line. Not a pick for me.

Would I purchase more? I would like to try more! I'm happily surprised at the pigmentation of some of the colors. I think it's been difficult for me to quantify significant differences between indie eyeshadows when swatching over primer so it's brilliant to see that many of these shades are pigmented even without a primer. Must haves are All Hallow's Eve, Angry Zombie, Bloody Witch, Spell Book, and Under Ground Crypt.

Disclaimer: I received these eyeshadow samples courtesy of the brand. All opinions are my own. There are no affiliate links in this post. I was not compensated for posting about these eyeshadows.


  1. They're gorgeous!!!!! So fall-ish :D


  2. I really like Bloody Witch!

    Interesting issue re: primer/non primer. I always wear one and I think I just presume everyone else does, but even if everyone else *does,* sometimes it can be nice to see how the shadow applies sheerly. Some people are so obsessed with pigmentation and opaqueness when a lot of people don't wear something to it's full capacity all the time. I know it's a lot of swatching, but I like to see products applied in different wayys.

  3. For me personally, I *always* wear a primer under my eyeshadow so I don't necessarily care how eyeshadows look without a primer, only because I never will wear them without it underneath. But I can understand that those who are fortunate enough to be able to wear eye makeup without a primer & not experience creasing would be the ones who appreciate the nonprimer swatches.

  4. Thanks so much for posting all of these swatches! I've been contemplating a purchase but it's so hard to tell what the shadows look like on the website.

  5. These have great pigmentation and color depth!


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