Perlier Lemon Sorbet Crackling Ice Water Review

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In California (specifically Southern California), summer doesn't exactly stop once August ends. We've been having heat days on and off and combined with the general summer heat, I've been needing something to cool me off. I was excited to try the Perlier Lemon Sorbet Crackling Body Water (available from HSN for $24.95*) which is a can full of fizzy body water. The canister is reminiscent of a hair mousse dispenser and you get this effervescent bubbly foam that you can spread all over your body.


It's like you combined pop rocks with Evian water and it smells deliciously lemony. It actually smells like it would feel sticky on the skin! Once you dispense a foamy amount onto your skin, you can rub it in and more bubbles will pop and fizz on your skin.

It dries quite quickly and there is an immediate cooling effect on your skin but sadly I didn't notice a moisturizing effect and it's not especially surprising when the ingredient list is as follows: propellant (butane), water, two more propellants, and then alcohol denat.

It's a cool gimmick and something that would be nice to splurge on (and I mean splurge since it's $25). If you're the kind of person that likes to use Evian sprays, I think this is right up your alley but since I don't find this especially moisturizing, it's not worth it for most people.

Disclaimer: I received this product courtesy of iFabbo. All opinions are my own and the link marked with an asterisk is not an affiliate link but directly links to the product page on HSN's website (I unbitly'd it myself!)

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