Hydroxatone Anti-Aging BB Cream in Medium Review

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Many American brands have jumped on the BB Cream bandwagon and thanks to iFabbo, I was able to try out this Hydroxatone Anti-Aging BB Cream. I was curious to see its performance and whether it lived up more like an American BB Cream (of which they're glorified tinted moisturizers) or were like Asian BB Creams (which combines foundation, concealer, and skincare all in one). This retails for $40.00 and is available at Ulta.


Unfortunately like many other American BB Creams, this is nothing like an Asian BB Cream despite the name. This is a tinted moisturizer pretty much. On my skin, the Hydroxotone BB Cream provides light coverage so if you have lots of pigmentation issues, this helps dull them but won't provide real coverage. The wear time lasted a few hours on my oily/combination skin (but not all day wear).


This has a pink undertone so while it definitely doesn't suit me (I have more yellow undertones), those who have a more cool toned undertone will like these since most BB Creams do run a little yellow or grey. Medium also runs light for me, Medium Tan would probably be a better fit for me depending if the undertone is more yellow-toned. I'd say if you're more like a MAC NW20, this will suit you better.

The product has mild citrus scent from the orange oil in the formula but it is slight and not overwhelming at all. I can't detect it on my skin the way I can detect the fragrance from my Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream (which I love but whose scent is a downer). 

The SPF in the BB Cream is titanium dioxide based so while it technically does protect against UVB and UVA rays, it only protects against UVA2, not UVA1. The high amount of titanium dioxide in the formula means this will not be a photo-friendly skin product unless you want to get that white cast look from the flash photography.

Retailing at $40, I think it isn't worth it to get. It's an expensive investment that I think will only suit a specific skin shade and people who want light coverage. This was a Pass.

Disclaimer: I received this product courtesy of iFabbo. All opinions are my own. The link marked with an asterisk is NOT an affiliate link, it merely directs you to the listing on the Ulta website. I don't receive any compensation from your use of the link.


  1. SPF40 is a good thing but it's unfortunate it comes in such a limited shade range.

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