Persona Cosmetics Season One Lip Gloss: Swatches and Review

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Hey everyone!

Today I have a review of the Persona Cosmetics Season One Lip Glosses in Peach, Honey, and Toffee. Persona Cosmetics is a brand that was founded by Sona Gasparian, a Youtuber and Beauty Blogger. I remember being introduced to the brand by Mandy Everley after she praised their Identity Eyeshadow Palette. I thought the brand was particularly interesting because many of their products are geared to flatter brown eyes. Of course you can use their products regardless of your eye color but it's rather nice to think of a brand recognizing that brown eyes don't get as much love.

I rather like their release schedule and how they take their time between launches so it feels like a very curated brand. I think it's easy to get lost when brands are releasing a new product every week so seeing how Persona has adding and expanding their range is rather refreshing. The Season One Lip Glosses are the first set of lip glosses that the brand has released. I'm hoping that by calling it Season One that they'll release more colors in the future. 

I'm really feeling lip glosses lately and so many other brands are too. Gone is the popularity of long lasting but uncomfortable products, I'm happy to see a renaissance of lip gloss even if it's not long lasting. I was really drawn into the colors and the formula of these glosses.

Persona Cosmetics Season One Lip Glosses

Continue to read my review and see swatches!

Where to Purchase/Details: $16.00 for 6ml/.20 oz. Available at Persona Cosmetics and ULTA. You can use my referral link for Persona's website to get 15% off a $30.00 purchase (I get commission). You can also get all three colors in a set for $36.00 (saving $12.00).

Packaging: These are packaged in clear tubes with a doefoot applicator. 

Persona Cosmetics Season One Lip Glosses


Persona says:
Remember the first time you wore a lip gloss and how it made you feel: Sultry, effortless and instantly refreshed. We took that magic feeling of a gloss, eliminated the tacky, glittery gooeyness, and added nourishing oils to create a clean, comfortable, high-shine formula that you’ll actually want to wear. (Because it's 2019 and we shouldn't have to pick between beauty and comfort.)
The formula is said to be high shine, nonsticky, comfortable, and nourishing. They are also described as having the comfort of a balm and shine of a gloss without the stickiness. The formula is also vegan!!

This is a great lipgloss formula. I find it to be smooth, easy to apply, with a hint of thickness that reminds me of a lip balm but not too slick so it doesn't feel thin, greasy (despite the nourishing oils in the formula), or slippery on the lip. This is not a gloss that will migrate off your lips. The thickness (but not stickiness) helps add to the comfort and I find it slightly moisturizing. As with most nonsticky lip glosses the longevity is short, about two to three hours.

All of the colors are sheer which will suit a lot of skin tones and also allows you to reapply without any fuss. You could even apply this without a mirror if you wanted to. I like the slight moisture it adds to my lip but it doesn't fully replace a lip balm. All in all, I've been really enjoying wearing the shades to work since it's easy to put on and it's not too bright that it's not office appropriate.


Here is an arm swatch of all three lip glosses.

Persona Cosmetics Season One Lip Gloss Arm Swatch


Persona Cosmetics Peach Lip Gloss Swatch

Peach is described as a peachy nude ideal for light to medium skin tones. Of the three, I'd say this is the "brightest" but because the peachy tones really stand out against my skin. I will say that the color settles slightly into my lip lines but it's only really obvious if you're two inches in front of my face. From a reasonable distance away, you can't tell. Peach has some gold shimmers in the formula to help add some depth.


Persona Cosmetics Honey Lip Gloss Swatch

Honey is described as a warm true nude ideal for light to medium skin tones. It's funny because I thought I would hate this color on me (because it looked so brown in the tube) but it turns out this is my favorite and most worn color of the three. The brown tones ends up warming up against the gold shimmer in the formula and it's like a beige but in the best way. Like Peach it slightly settles into lip lines but it's not as obvious.


Persona Cosmetics Toffee Lip Gloss Swatch

Toffee is described as a warm nude with a red undertone ideal for medium to dark skin tones. I also was cautious of Toffee but this reminds me of like a wearable dark red. It's not that dark at all but the hints of red to it make it so fun to wear. There are some silver shimmers in the formula to really help it pop.

I also thought it might help to see the lip glosses on the wand against lip swatches.

Persona Cosmetics Season One Lip Gloss Swatches and Closeups


I hope you found this review helpful! I think these lip glosses were a wonderful addition to my collection and I've been wearing them almost daily. The formula is comfortable and the shades work super well against my skintone. I hope they release more colors in the future!

Have you tried any good lip glosses lately?

Disclaimer: I purchased these lip glosses myself. All opinions are my own. I was not compensated for this review. The post contains a referral link which provides me with commission based off your use of the link when making a purchase.


  1. Huzzah for brown eye love!!

    Honey and Toffee are definitely my kinds of colours for when I'm wanting a nude. Love these!

  2. These look gorgeous in the bottle I just wished they would be more opaque!

  3. These look like great deeper neutrals! I am definitely a lipgloss person my self and had my eye on these.

  4. Nice nude glosses! I prefer the peach one!

  5. Toffee is really flattering on you! All of them are but that one in particular!

  6. I didn't care for the shades on your arm but they all look great on you. I have a Persona e/s palette that I've used and used.

  7. Nude glosses are my jam too. Great swatches!

  8. I love love love lip gloss, but sadly I need mine to be opaque. I wish Persona had a couple of opaque options because I love your description of these and their ingredients. I've been wearing Mirabella, ABH and the translucent BECCA that I had hoped was opaque.

  9. All 3 of those are beautiful but I really like honey and toffee.

  10. They are really pretty!! I like them! They are kinda all similar, but slightly different!

  11. Seeing them in the bottle I would have never have picked these up. However, seeing them on you I now want all three!

  12. I wasn't expecting those swatches! I've been wearing more balms because it's super windy where I work and I've been wearing my hair down but I love the look of a good gloss!

  13. I love the subtle shimmer in these!!! Very natural look with a hidden pop!!! I really want them all!

  14. I am not a gloss person, but these look so pretty...looks lovely on you


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