Essence Stampy Set vs Konad

First off, I'd like to thank Laura of Sawan because most, if not all of the things I'm going to be reviewing for the next year or so will have come from her mega giveaway prize to me. I honestly appreciate everything she sent me, especially since I'm going through a hard time with my dog escaping. I suspect she's also a mind reader since I was super interested in trying this Essence set before I won and here it is in the giveaway.

I'll save you a lot of reading time, quite simply, it doesn't compare. It looks the same but really, you're better off buying Konad.

Case in point:

The scraper and its offkilterness
Yeah that's a really awkward picture but basically, the plastic parts surrounding the metal blade does not fully enclose it and the metal part itself is cut at a really weird angle, resulting in these kinds of scrapes-
The one at the far left was done with the plastic Konad scraper, the other 3 with the metal Essence scraper. I attempted to push down harder to get a cleaner scrape but then the metal would scratch and make an awful noise. Note the metal scratching on the center butterfly from my efforts.

The stamper-
The two stampers look similar but the Essence stamper is a bit more rounded in the sides. They don't stamp the same; I felt that I had a bit of difficulty with stamping it as opaque as it did with the Konad stamper.

The plates-

*Refer to the prior picture of the plate*

The plates are the same diameter of the Konad plate and the Essence plate is just missing the paper backing that the Konad plates have. I prefer the paper backing because I like the extra weight and feel of it. The etchings seem to be about the same depth. The Essence plate has the same number of designs.

So in all it's not worth it to me. You can replace the scraper with a credit card to make it easier to use and use Wet n Wild polishes (if you're not willing to get the Konad special polishes which I think are worth it) but I think the stamper makes it a bit difficult to use.

Having used Konad first, the ease of it outweighs the cost benefit of Essence.

Hope this helps!


  1. Good to know! I only opened mine to take photos of it. I haven't even tried it yet. I was hoping it would be a less expensive replacement, but as it is most of the get what you pay for.

  2. Very honest review. The scrapper is the pits for sure. :)
    Congrats on winning,

  3. I don't enjoy using metal scrapers either - I've had the worst time with them, the most annoying thing about them is how they scratch the plates (like what you went through). I've been using a plastic card to scrape mine and it works wonderfully. I look forward to more of your reviews.

  4. I've got the 1st version* from essence (plastic scraper plus a little polish) and been using only the scraper from the set- rest is mostly konad. I still don't know why essence decided to replace the plastic scraper with the metal scraper...

    *the first version was released as a part of an limited edition in europe before they've decided to release it again in their permanent display.


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