A Poor Man's Crackle polish

I remember this MAC Antiquitease nail polish look that Christine at Temptalia featured years ago. It very much reminded me of crackle polish and so I thought I would replicate the look with Revlon's Gold Coin.

It's very easy to achieve this look, just paint your nail the color that you want and let it dry(or use a quick dry top coat) then paint another polish over it and immediately use a piece of paper towel (preferably textured) to blot over the polish.

Christine recommended to do it one nail at a time and I definitely agree. Try to only go over a section of the nail once otherwise it just smushes the polish badly

I tried it with both Revlon Gold Coin and China Glaze For Audrey and I personally like the results. I haven't experimented much in terms of method but I imagine you could get much more uneven results if you did!

This isn't a new thing but in the midst of the hullabaloo with crackle polish I thought it'd be great to rediscover some alternative methods :)

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  1. Cute idea! I never would have thought of making a design by just dabbing a paper towel on top. ^^


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